#67: Death in the Afternoon's Grilled Mahi Mahi Sandwich

The grilled mahi mahi sandwich at Death in the Afternoon | Jennifer Silverberg

The grilled mahi mahi sandwich at Death in the Afternoon (808 Chestnut Street; 314-621-3236) is so beautiful it could grace the pages of a glossy food magazine. Its sesame-studded, perfectly round bun glistens with a buttery sheen, and the grill marks on the gossamer piece of fish look as if they were drawn on with a ruler's precision. One bite into this luscious sandwich, however, proves that it's more than just a pretty face.

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#68: The Brisket Burger at Three Flags Tavern

The brisket burger at Three Flags Tavern. | Corey Woodruff

"You know," the bartender said as she leaned in a little closer. "The servers from O'Connell's [Pub] come in here for our burger."

It's no wonder she had such a hushed tone. O'Connell's Pub has legendary burgers. That some of the employees have been spotted bellying up to the bar at Three Flags Tavern (4940 Southwest Avenue; 314-669-9222) for the brisket burger is akin to catching a Schlafly employee with a bottle of Busch. But who can blame them? Three Flags Tavern's brisket burger is, without question, the town's reigning burger champ.

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#69: Siam's Kimchi Hot Pot

Siam's kimchi hot pot. | Mabel Suen

Siam (4121 Manchester Avenue; 314-533-7426) is a happening 3 a.m. bar on one of the town's hippest streets, but there is more to this Grove hot spot than the booze, music and revelry. Chef Tyler Davis heads up Siam's kitchen, preparing updated takes on pan-Asian cuisine and makes sure that patrons have some good eats before hitting the dance floor.

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#70: Urban Chestnut's "Strammer Max"

The "Strammer Max" sandwich at Urban Chestnut. | Jennifer Silverberg

Urban Chestnut's (4465 Manchester Avenue; 314-222-0143) chef Andy Fair says that people come to the Grove Brewery and Bierhall, first and foremost, for the beer. This may be true, but his creative twist on classic German food gives the suds a run for their money.

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#71: "Mom's Special" at Mom's Deli

Mom's Deli's namesake sandwich, the "Mom's Special." | Caroline Yoo

St Louis is a town of die-hard deli-goers, and everyone has a favorite spot. In fact, two south side delis -- Mom's Deli (4412 Jamieson Avenue; 314-64-1198) and LeGrand's Market & Catering (4414 Donovan Avenue; 314-353-4059) -- have a bit of a competition for bragging rights among their customers. It can get ugly.

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#72: Broasted Chicken at Frank & Helen's Pizzeria

Frank & Helen's Pizzeria's broasted chicken. | Cheryl Baehr

Frank & Helen's Pizzeria (8111 Olive Boulevard, University City; 314-997-0666) is a St. Louis institution. The University City eatery has been serving diners its signature thin crust pizza, "charcoal steaks" (you have to love that sign out front) and Italian specialties since opening in 1956. On any given night the dining room is filled with multiple generations of guests -- some settling into tables adorned with a "reserved" placard like in the old days.

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#73: Parmesan Chicken Broth at Bocci Wine Bar

Bocci Wine Bar's parmesan chicken broth with chicken confit. | Caroline Yoo

My partner is picky. Though he refuses to admit it, his decade-plus career in the kitchen has made him blasé about going out to dinner. It's rare that anything wows him, so when he tasted Bocci's (16 North Central Avenue, Clayton; 314-932-1040) Parmesan chicken broth and proclaimed it "the best dish [he's] had in a long time," I obviously took notice.

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#74: "Burger" at Small Batch Whiskey & Fare

Small Batch Whiskey & Fare's vegetarian burger. | Caroline Yoo

Sometimes, I just have to have a big, greasy burger -- one that covered in gooey cheese, tangy sauce and served on a soft buttery bun with crispy lettuce, red onions and some juicy tomatoes.

I never expected I'd find one to satisfy this craving at a vegetarian restaurant.

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#75: Smoked Salami Sandwich from Adam's Smokehouse

The smoked salami sandwich at Adam's Smokehouse. | Mabel Suen

The secret to the smoked salami at Adam's Smokehouse (2819 Watson Road; 314-875-9890) is the 70/30 blend of pork and beef. Or is it the fruitwood smoke that spreads throughout the meat? Then again, it could be the generous flecks of black pepper and blend of spices the pit-masters keep as closely guarded as classified material.

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#76: Gyro on Pita at Olympia Kebob House & Taverna

Olympia's classic gyro. | Caroline Yoo

Please indulge this recently repatriated St. Louisan who just returned from the hinterlands. It's not exactly breaking news that Olympia Kebob House & Taverna's (1543 McCausland Avenue, Richmond Heights; 314-781-1299) gyro is the best in town. Like most, I've been going to Olympia for years, taking its signature sandwich for granted. But, in the words of 1980s hair metal band Cinderella, "You don't know what you've got till it's gone."

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