Pint Size Bakery Offering Thanksgiving Hand Pies November 22 Only

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The turkey dinner hand pie. | Nancy Stiles

You already know how much we love the turducken croissant at La Patisserie Chouquette, so naturally we were intrigued when we heard Christy Augustin at Pint Size Bakery (3825 Watson Road; 314-645-7142) was making Thanksgiving hand pies this weekend. Augustin says she wanted people to be able to eat a whole Thanksgiving dinner (in miniature form), and it did not disappoint.

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A Look Inside Riverbend Restaurant and Bar's New Expanded Space in Richmond Heights

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Riverbend's "Cochon de Lait," or house-roasted pork po-boy. | Photos by Mabel Suen
As reported by Gut Check in August, restaurant owner Sam Kogos would move his popular New Orleans-style restaurant to the space recently vacated by Harvest. Riverbend Restaurant and Bar (1059 South Big Bend Boulevard; 314-664-8443) opened in Richmond Heights in early November with an expanded menu and much bigger digs.

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#56: Cafe Natasha's Beef Shish Kebab

A platter of Cafe Natasha's beef and chicken shish kebabs. | Jennifer Silverberg

When Behshid Bahrami came to the United States in the late 1970s, he was culinarily dismayed. He simply could not find lamb that tasted like what he had in his native Iran. American lamb, Bahrami will tell you, has a gamey taste compared to its mild Persian counterpart. Rather than swearing it off altogether, he developed a marinade that he hoped would soften the meat's flavor. What he ended up developing is the ambrosial nectar that turned out to be perfect for Cafe Natasha's (3200 South Grand Boulevard; 314-771-3411) beef shish kebob.

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3 More St. Louis Bakeries Offering Thanksgiving Desserts

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An ice-cream pie at I Scream Cakes. | Kerry Soraci

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The Best Food Events in St. Louis This Weekend: November 21 to 23

The Gamlin Manhattan at a Whiskey in the Winter 2013 event. | Nancy Stiles

Despite the snow last weekend, it's not going to be too freezing the next few days -- so get out and enjoy it. (Plus, you'll also holed up with the family next weekend.) We're most excited about all the whiskey-related events surrounding Whiskey in the Winter. We can't think of a better way to warm up. Continue on for our food-related recommendations.

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5 Restaurants to Eat at on Thanksgiving in St. Louis

Thanksgiving turkey at Cielo. | Nancy Stiles

Not everybody cooks on Thanksgiving. For some, going out to eat is a solid tradition. Maybe you don't want to do a whole feast for only a few people. Lucky for you, there are some great restaurants offering Thanksgiving dinner next week. Continue on for our Turkey Day picks.

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Chef Shuffle: Brian Hardesty Leaves Element, Bixby's Hires Corey Ellsworth

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Brian Hardesty. | RFT Photo

Executive chef Brian Hardesty has left Element (1419 Carroll Street; 314-241-1674). The critically acclaimed Lafayette Square restaurant opened in September 2013 with not one, but four chefs in the kitchen. Hardesty led the team to create a feeling of collaboration, not competition. He also co-owns Guerrilla Street Food.

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A Look Inside Las Palmas' New Location on Washington Avenue

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"Carnita Pork" at Las Palmas. | Photos by Mabel Suen
The last time we took an in-depth look at Las Palmas, former RFT food critic Ian Froeb reviewed its second location in Maplewood, an outpost that followed the model of original flagships in north county. In late September the local Mexican restaurant expanded to include a third location: Las Palmas (1901 Washington Avenue; 314-241-1557), and it's all set to serve up the best margarita in town.

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Now Open: Racanelli's in the Loop, Cantina Laredo, Strange Trap Kitchen

The gooey butter doughnut at Strange Donuts. | Jon Gitchoff

There are some tidbits to share as we approach the end of the month. A few places popped up, and it's worth noting that, as we reported earlier this week, two of three Lester's sports bars have closed this month.

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Thursday Throwdown: Russell's on Macklind and Gooey Louie Vie for Gooey Butter Cake Dominance

Gooey butter cake from Gooey Louie and Russell's on Macklind. | Cheryl Baehr

The appearance of gooey butter cake in Tuesday's New York Times gave us pause: Who makes the best version of St. Louis' signature dessert? It's a difficult question, with some folks swearing by the supremacy of the crumbly cake while others insisting that it's the goo that makes this sweet treat.

For today's Thursday Throwdown, we compared the gooey butter cakes at Gooey Louie (6483 Chippewa Street; 314-352-2253) and Russell's on Macklind (5400 Murdoch Avenue; 314-553-9994) to see who is king of goo in the Lou.

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