Blueprint Coffee Collaborates with Local Photographer for Short Film

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Outside Blueprint Coffee. | Nancy Stiles

Blueprint Coffee (6225 Delmar Boulevard; 314-266-6808) brews hand-made coffee every day in the Loop under the principle of "beauty in precision." St. Louis photographer Andrew Koh first worked with the collaborative brewers while taking an advertising course at Washington University. After doing some design work for Blueprint, he and Marcus Stabenow decided to cap it off with a documentary short in collaboration with Sprudge, a coffee news site.

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The Living Room and Art House Coffees to Take Over Black Cat Theatre

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The future Living Room on Sutton.

When Art House Coffees started roasting out of the back of an art studio in Maplewood four years ago, the focus wasn't really on coffee. It was started as an arm of Bridges Support Services to give jobs to people with disabilities or barriers to employment. Soon, though, the coffee started selling like crazy at farmers' markets across the city -- now it's time for a real space to showcase Art House's brews.

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Park Avenue Coffee Partners with Yelp St. Louis for Small Batch Coffee

Park Avenue Coffee in Lafayette Square. | Google Street View

There is now such a thing as Yelp coffee. Park Avenue Coffee (417 North Tenth Street; 314-231-5282) has partnered with the customer review site for a promotion called "Missouri Made" and is offering a special, small batch brew in all three of its cafes for the month of June.

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MOFU Tofu Collaborates With Sump Coffee to Create Ramen Pop-Up Restaurant

MOFU products. | Holly Fann

MOFU stands for Missouri tofu, but it does more than just the vegetarian-meat alternative. The homegrown tofu company is now collaborating with Sump Coffee (3700 South Jefferson Avenue; 917-412-5670) this summer for several ramen pop-ups. The first is this weekend, May 31. We talked to MOFU co-owner Daniel Brewer about the partnership.

"I think we've been in business for a year, and we're trying to see what the next step is," Brewer tells us. "A place where we can produce the best tofu and sell that to our customers and fans, but also have a place where we can serve really good food that features our product."

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Flyover Coffee Gets Local Craft Beans to the Masses

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Want Blueprint Coffee but don't want to go to the Loop? No problem. | Nancy Stiles

Much like its craft beer, St. Louis has enjoyed a bit of a craft coffee renaissance lately. Roasters like Sump, Blueprint, Stringbean and more are developing hand-crafted coffees that make Starbucks taste like hot water. One problem, though: Unless you're getting Kaldi's, you'll probably have to drive across town to get the coffee of your choice. Eric Wilkinson of Flyover Coffee feels your pain.

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Kitty Cafe Pop-Up Pairs Felines With Coffee Lovers

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Cat lovers made headlines last week when Purina sponsored America's first-ever cat cafe in New York City. New Yorkers sipped java and cuddled cats from the North Shore Animal League. Surprisingly, Tenth Life, a stray-cat rescue organization here in St. Louis, had already been planning its own collaboration. The pop-up Kitty Cafe will open at Tenth Life's storefront at 3200 Cherokee Street on Thursday, May 8.

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Is Your Latte Art Good Enough for Coffee Fest St. Louis?

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Latte art at Sump Coffee. | Mabel Suen

Coffee Fest, a java-centric trade show, is coming to the Cervantes Convention Center at America's Center at the end of May. There's a big opportunity for Gateway baristas -- a latte art competition. Instagram and artisan coffeehouses have encouraged the rise of so-called "latte art," which are the designs in the top of your coffee created with milk foam. Think yours is good enough to win big time?

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Kaldi's and Mississippi Mud House Give Breakfast to Bikers

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A scone and financiers at Mississippi Mud House. | Jennifer Silverberg

In this seemingly endless winter, biking to school or work hasn't been an option -- unless you're super hardcore. Spring weather means we can all get outside, and Trailnet is encouraging cycling as transportation with its Breakfast for Bikers program, which kicks off April 18.

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"Biking for transportation can be filled with a lot of questions, so it's a good way for people to meet each other," says Trailnet's TravelGreen coordinator Molly Pearson. "It's also a good way for people to learn about Trailnet and the programs we have in place."

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Kopi Luwak Made From Civet Poop Now Available at Cafe di Organo

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Kopi luwak beans. | McKay Savage

It's 7 a.m., you're still groggy, and you run into your favorite coffee shop to get a big, steaming cup of the good stuff. More than likely the barista can tell you just where those beans came from. But we bet a civet's poop wasn't the answer you were looking for. That's exactly what kopi luwak, or civet coffee, is. and it's now available at Cafe di Organo (1221 Locust Street; 314-678-2000).

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Sump Coffee Expands Hours to Try Experimental Brews

       Scott Carey at work. | Crystal Rolfe

Sump Coffee (3700 South Jefferson Avenue; 917-412-5670) has been one of the most celebrated coffee shops in St. Louis ever since it opened in late 2011, and two years later, owner Scott Carey isn't done pushing the envelope with his artisanal beans. Sump is usually closed on Mondays, but for six weeks beginning February 21, it'll be open for experimental brews only.

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"Just like any growing company, you can have the day to day, but you also think about the tomorrow. No one wants to always do the same thing," Carey tells Gut Check. "We talk about how we can change things and hopefully make them better."

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