Watch the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Busch in All Its Disgusting Glory

Appetizing, right? | Jon Gitchoff

It's Memorial Day, so we (and probably you guys, too) are going to be eating more than our fair share of delicious, all-American hot dogs (which were first introduced right here in St. Louis in 1904, no less). Naturally, America is all about bigger and better, so the gluttonous Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is about as American as you can get. We were on location last weekend at Busch Stadium for the regional competition. Watch interviews with winner Sean "Flash" Gordon" and runner up Eric "Badlands" Booker as well as some serious face-stuffing. Happy Memorial Day, ya'll!

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Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest at Busch Stadium Declares a Winner

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs. | Jon Gitchoff

The Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is iconic, just like its titular dog and its birthplace, Coney Island. But instead of a delicious wiener after a day on the boardwalk, hot dog eating is serious business. The annual contest, which began in 1916, takes place on Coney Island on the Fourth of July, but Nathan's held a qualifying round right here in St. Louis this weekend at Busch Stadium.

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St. Louis (and Gut Check) Taste Test McDonald's New Shakin' Flavor Fries

The new Shakin' Flavor Fries. | Nancy Stiles

Those crazy guys over at McDonald's are always coming up with new, questionable ways to clog our arteries (ahem, McRib). Usually things make their way from the coasts out here to the heartland, but this time, we got it first. McDonald's is testing its new "Shakin' Flavor Fries" in St. Louis and northern California. Naturally, Gut Check had to do a taste test.

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KDHX DJ Attempts to Break World Record in Pizza Roll-Eating

Categories: Junk + Food

On air! | Kelsey McClure

Radio stations have done some pretty crazy contests over the years. But this time, no one was competing for front-row Justin Bieber tickets. Instead, DJ Chris Ward tried to eat a record number of pizza rolls to raise funds for the independent radio station KDHX on Monday night.

For every $10 that was pledged during that night's show, Ward would eat one pizza roll. The unofficial world record is 41 pizza rolls in three minutes, by the way.

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"I knew it was going to be gross, but I didn't know it would actually be disgusting," Ward told us afterward. "I also didn't realize my palate has changed quite a bit since I was, you know, twelve years old."

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Belleville Couple Weds at White Castle

Categories: Junk + Food

Joe and Kelsey seal the deal. | Courtesy Kelsey Gillespie

White Castle is a little different from other fast food joints. For one, it's got a lot of history. The first restaurant opened in 1921. It's also got a major cult following -- Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle hit the nail on the head. So somehow it makes more sense that a Belleville, Illinois, couple got married at the home of the steamed slider than at, say, McDonald's.

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Kelsey Hallcock and Joe Gillespie were married at the White Castle in the Belleville Crossing Shopping Center on Friday, February 14. They were already planning a wedding, but things moved a little quicker when they applied for a wedding paid for by St. Louis radio station Z107.7.

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McDonald's Kansas City Introduces the Multi-Person "Blitz Box"

Categories: Junk + Food

Do you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France? | Aneil Lutchman

McDonald's (multiple locations) is testing out its latest gimmick in Kansas City: the "Blitz Box." The box is a $14.99 "multi-person meal" that has never been sold in the United States before. The idea is to boost sales -- you know, because McDonald's is really struggling.

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Florissant City Council Approves New Rally's


After a vote Monday night at the Florissant City Council meeting, Rally's Hamburgers has been approved to move into 2182 North Highway 67. The petition was approved by the planning and zoning commission in July. Rally's is apparently looking to elevate its brand nationwide and wants this location to begin a "more contemporary look" for the company in St. Louis.

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Basketball Players to Revitalize Wendy's in St. Louis

Categories: Junk + Food

The new "ultra modern" Wendy's on Hampton Avenue. | Liz Miller

When you hear Wendy's, you don't exactly think basketball. But two NBA players are aiming to revive the fast-food chain in St. Louis. Junior Bridgeman, a retired player for the Milwaukee Bucks, and Chauncey Billups, who currently plays for the Detroit Pistons, now own all 29 Wendy's restaurants in St. Louis as well as one under construction.

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Taste Test: Wendy's New Chocolate and Vanilla Frosty Waffle Cones

      Wendy's new vanilla Frosty waffle cone dessert. | Image via
Gut Check loves Wendy's, especially for its classic Frosty. Softer than soft-serve yet not quite a milkshake, the Frosty has always been our preferred french-fry condiment. Naturally our curiosity was piqued when Wendy's informed us it would be taking this iconic dessert out of a cup and putting it into a waffle cone.

Truth be told, we were skeptical that a waffle cone could adequately contain a substance normally eaten with a spoon or sucked through a straw, but we took both flavors for a whirl to find out for sure.

Anything for science, after all -- the empirical method and all that.

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Taste Test: Wendy's New Late-Night "Moonlight Meal Deal" Targets Millennial Dudes

Wendy's "Moonlight Meal Deal," aimed at "Millennial males." | Image via
Having properly mourned the passing of the classic Wendy's dollar menu, Gut Check's former favorite grab-bag of fast-food bargains, we decided it was time to check out the chain's latest innovation in low-price, high-value fast food: the "Moonlight Meal Deal," described in a company press release as targeted at "millennial males."

Released earlier this month, the deal is available at Wendy's locations across St. Louis.

After finding a designated driver to swing through our neighborhood Wendy's (2130 Hampton Avenue; 314-781-4569) drive-thru, Gut Check completed the first phase of our Moonlight Meal Deal, um, research.

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