Soulard Alliance Celebrated Creole-Style for Inaugural Soiree

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Smoked, barbecued glazed Gulf shrimp, slow smoked with hickory and peet then glazed with housemade New Orleans-style barbecue sauce. | Nancy Stiles

The Soulard Alliance held its first-ever Soulard Soiree last week. It was an old-fashioned affair at the Franklin Room (816 Allen Avenue; 314-664-7706) complete with food from Molly's in Soulard (816 Geyer Avenue; 314-241-6200) and the musical styles of Miss Jubliee. The evening was intended to be part of an "integrated awareness campaign to help increase Soulard's visibility in the St. Louis community."

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An Evening With Blue Moon Founder Keith Villa in St. Louis

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Yes, the orange is actually there for a reason. | Nancy Stiles

The big corporate breweries have been trying to cash in on the craft beer boom for years, but perhaps none have been quite as successful as MillerCoors. Blue Moon was created in its labs in 1995, instead of bought, and became the little brand that could at the direction of brewmaster Keith Villa. Villa stopped in St. Louis last night at the Malt House Cellar (2017 Chouteau Avenue; 314-241-4949) to introduce some new beers and discuss the history of the refreshing brew.

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Element Bests Juniper in Clash of the Cocktails

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Compressed beet carpaccio with house-made goat cheese,and a preserved lemon vinaigrette. | Nancy Stiles

Cielo (999 North Second Street; 314-881-5759) holds many events on its famous outdoor terrace, but this was the first Clash of the Cocktails, in partnership with Randall's Wines & Spirits. The dinner pitted bartenders Meghan French and Joe Duepner, of Element and Juniper, respectively, against each other. In three rounds, the mixologists had to feature a certain ingredient and the crowd cheered for its selection.

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What the Bands Ate at LouFest [UPDATED]

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Festival food doesn't have to suck. | Bryan Sutter

We're familiar with the restaurants featured in this year's LouFest concession stand, a.k.a. the Nosh Pit. But out-of-town bands are just looking for a quick bite, and they still loved what St. Louis had to offer. Restaurants like Pappy's, Strange Donuts and Sugarfire Smokehouse had brushes with fame this weekend, both at the music festival and around town.

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Sidney Street Cafe's Kevin Nashan Takes Barbecue Honors

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Oink, oink. | Cheryl Baehr

Last night marked the first time that the traveling porcine pleasure palace known as Cochon555 oinked its way into St. Louis. Founded by man-on-a-mission Brady Lowe, Cochon is a celebration of the heritage breed pig, local farmers, humane and sustainable agriculture, and the potential of barbecue in local restaurants. The event travels to Memphis for the next leg of the 2013 tour.

Kevin Nashan of Sidney Street Café took top honors at yesterday's Cochon Heritage Barbecue extravaganza, held at the Four Seasons Hotel (999 North Second Street; 314-881-5800).

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Pastries and Cocktails Work Together at Cielo's A Taste of Summer [PHOTOS]

       Don't mind if we do. | Nancy Stiles

As you know, Gut Check loves desserts, booze and rooftops -- so we couldn't miss Cielo's (999 North Second Street; 314-881-5800) A Taste of Summer event Thursday night. The restaurant on the eighth floor of the Four Seasons Hotel hosted four of the city's top pastry chefs (plus its own), and we couldn't have asked for better weather (seriously, is it August?). Don't worry, we documented the sweets thoroughly for your enjoyment.

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APA Beer Dinner Highlights Flavor and Nuance with Neil Witte

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        A beer dinner is the best kind of dinner. | Pat Kohm

After attending the American Protective Association's (APA) 90th anniversary beer dinner this past Thursday (August 8), Gut Check walked away perfectly sated but also educated: It turns out beer is far more complicated than we ever imagined -- and that's a good thing.

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What It's Like to Bartend in Dogtown on St. Patrick's Day [PHOTOS]

Liz Miller
The view from inside Nora's in Dogtown.
Gut Check enjoys the drinking and general debauchery that descends on Dogtown on St. Patrick's Day in St. Louis as much as the next functionally alcoholic food blog, but until this year, our experience was simply as another soused, green-clad reveler trying not to hurl in the streets. When we learned a friend would be bartending and serving food at the Dogtown sandwich shop Nora's (1136 Tamm Avenue; 314-645-2706), though, we were intrigued to see the spectacle from a different viewpoint -- and lucky for us, the polite team at Nora's indulged our folly.

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Scenes From the Nosh Pit: LouFest's Most Interesting Eats

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Even Gut Check is limited on how much we can eat in one weekend, so we had to plan our attack on the Nosh Pit at LouFest with much precision and thought. Some vendors - Pi, Mangia Mobile, Nora's, Pappy's Smokehouse - had great food, but nothing too different from their usual offerings. Hopefully festival-goers who haven't tried their wares were introduced to some of St. Louis' best food offerings.

Hard as it was, we avoided our beloved favorites and went in search of LouFest-only treats and debuts.

Buck's Good Eats, a food stand that sets up on the corner of Forest Park Parkway and Vandeventer, had the best surprise with their family-size bacon cheese fries.

bucks good eats bacon cheese fries-0000.jpg
Robin Wheeler
Buck's Good Eats bacon cheese fries

The crinkle-cut fries weren't unusual, but they were fresh and crispy. The cheese? Spicy standard nacho cheese. But the bacon - that was the thrill. They kept a pan of it, also fresh and crispy, on the grill. When crumbled on top of the fries and cheese, it was still warm and crisp.

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Entre Sucre Debuts Underground Dessert Dinner

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Robin Wheeler
Passion fruit tartlet with toasted marshmallows, blackberries and basil
"It's sort of like being kids, staying up past your bedtime and eating dessert for dinner," chef Steven Caravelli told members of his first sold-out Entre Underground crowd as they finished his four-course, all-dessert menu. And he was right. Workday be damned, the Thursday-night dinner focused on grown-up desserts and beverages.

Robin Wheeler
As with all of Entre's underground dinners, guests learned the location -- an event space on Boyle -- that morning. The menu gave hints of what was to come.

The night began with a bubble tea amusé, with caviar-sized peach bubbles in a tall shot glass, topped with aerated black tea.

The first course featured thin wedges of pineapple infused with hot sauce, topped with spiced walnuts and thyme, and beside an Asian soup spoon filled with mild, creamy goat cheese, topped with a crisp burnt sugar layer.

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