The Burnt Ends at The Shaved Duck Are No. 1 in the Nation, New Book Says

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Photo courtesy of Flickr/Stu Spivack
Burnt ends are a classic barbecue dish -- albeit one associated with Kansas City.

Johnny Fugitt didn't take any shortcuts while researching his new book about barbecue. Over the course of a year, the Branson, Missouri, native drove 31,000 miles and visited no less than 365 barbecue joints -- and tried every last one.

With the release of his new book, The 100 Best Barbecue Restaurants in America, Fugitt doesn't just name names. He ranks the restaurants he visited -- crafting a list of both the top 100 and the top 10 in numerous categories.

And while St. Louis didn't take the No. 1 spot overall (that honor went to Kerlin BBQ in Austin, Texas), the city did very well indeed. Bogart's ranked No. 12 in the nation, with The Shaved Duck, Pappy's, Vernon's, The Capitalist Pig, Hendrick's and Salt + Smoke all placing in the top 100.

The Shaved Duck took home another cool prize: It won top honors for its burnt ends.

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Truffles in Ladue to Add Butcher Shop

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Olive oil shortcake at Truffles. | Amanda Woytus

Truffles (9202 Clayton Road, Ladue; 314-567-9100) is expanding into an adjacent space, but not to add more seating. Instead, it will be an old-fashioned, full-service butcher shop complete with a retail space. We talked to general manger Aleksandar Jovanovic about why it'll make Ladue a lot more interesting.

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IKEA Meatballs Won't Be Here Until 2015; Here Are the Best Local Meatballs to Try Now

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Meatballs from Filomena's. | Jennifer Silverberg

This week, St. Louis lost its collective mind over the official announcement that, yes, IKEA is really coming to St. Louis. The opening date is projected for 2015.

One of the things folks are most excited about are the Swedish meatballs available in the chain's inexpensive cafeterias. In one report, someone went so far as to suggest that meatballs will replace toasted ravioli as the "finger food of choice for St. Louis."

WHOA. Let's not go losing our heads here. Besides, it'll be at least two years until the store is open, and guess what? There are a ton of great meatball options you can try right here, right now. Here are just a few of our favorites.

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Sidney Street Cafe's Kevin Nashan Takes Barbecue Honors

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Oink, oink. | Cheryl Baehr

Last night marked the first time that the traveling porcine pleasure palace known as Cochon555 oinked its way into St. Louis. Founded by man-on-a-mission Brady Lowe, Cochon is a celebration of the heritage breed pig, local farmers, humane and sustainable agriculture, and the potential of barbecue in local restaurants. The event travels to Memphis for the next leg of the 2013 tour.

Kevin Nashan of Sidney Street Café took top honors at yesterday's Cochon Heritage Barbecue extravaganza, held at the Four Seasons Hotel (999 North Second Street; 314-881-5800).

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Local Chefs to Compete in Grass-Fed Beef Burger Cook-Off

       Will burgers from Baileys' Range win? | Jennifer Silverberg

Whole Foods at the Galleria (1601 South Brentwood Boulevard, Brentwood; 314-968-7744) is hosting the third annual grass-fed beef burger cook-off Wednesday, August 7. The competition will feature several local chefs and of course, samples! The winners will get $500 donated to the charity of their choice.

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Salume Beddu Offers Two-Day Course in Hog Butchery

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If you've always had dreams of being a butcher and curing your own meats like a badass hipster, but you didn't quite know where to start, Salume Beddu has got you covered.

Artisan meat curer and deli Salume Beddu (3467 Hampton Avenue; 314-353-3100) is offering a class they're calling PorkShop on May 19 and 20 (not to be confused with Schlafly Pork Shop on May 25). The two-day class is a hands-on instruction in hog butchery which will cover how to break down a pig, how to make sausage at home and how to use every bit of that animal to create delicious meals. The course will conclude with a nose-to-tail dinner with wine pairings at Parker's Table.

Gut Check spoke with Ashley Schuster Kemps of Salume Beddu to get more details about the course.

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Pig Out and Shop Till You Drop at Schlafly Pork Shop

Schalfly Pork Shop 2012 | Image via Schalfly
Saturday-morning garage-sale hunting is always great fun. Saturday-morning garage-sale hunting followed by a pig roast is awesome.

On Saturday, May 25, Schlafly Tap Room (2100 Locust Street; 314-241-2337) will host its annual Pork Shop: A Dowtown BBQ and Garage Sale. Also, there will be beer. A roast pig, beer and a multitude of obsolete VHS tapes and grandma's costume jewelry.

Get excited.

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Midwest Leather Enthusiasts Host "Chili Cookoff and Jockstraps"

mr midwest leather chili.jpg
Imagine this, but with Mom's chili | Jon Gitchoff
Just so we're clear, the Midwest Puppy Contest has nothing to do with dogs. And Mr. Midwest Leather is not a crafter of leather goods.

Gut Check feels rather naïve for thinking otherwise.

A human puppy human pet who behaves like a dog but looks like a man wearing a leather jockstrap and collar and sitting on all fours. And Mr. Midwest Leather is a fella who looks good in all manner of leather attire and is a fine representative of the leather-wearing community.

OK, wait, we swear this had something to do with food...

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Salume Beddu Up For $50,000 Entrepreneurial Award

Jennifer Silverberg
Salume Beddu (3467 Hampton Avenue; 314-353-3100) needs your help!

The artisan cured meat company and deli has been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year from Slow Money, an organization dedicated to providing education and funding to entrepreneurs involved with the slow-food movement.

The award is based on civilian votes, so Salume Beddu is encouraging its Facebook fans (and anyone else who wants to help a worthy cause) to go to its page on Slow Money and cast a vote. The voting ends April 16, and the winner will be announced at the 4th Annual Slow Money National Gathering in Boulder, Colorado, at the end of April.

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Animal Activists Protest Cruelty to Pigs Outside Walmart in Maplewood

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walmart pig protest 3.jpg
Kaitlin Steinberg
Well, the giant, inflatable pig covered in sores and dirt was cuter than we imagined.

Local animal-rights activists joined members of the national animal rights organization Mercy for Animals today in front of the Maplewood Commons Walmart just off South Hanley Road in protest of Walmart's practice of confining pregnant pigs in small crates on its factory farms.

Gut Check heard there'd be a ten-foot-tall inflatable pig covered in bloody sores and people holding up signs in protest, so we were there. Again, the pig was way cuter and more pathetic than we'd anticipated, which was great for the cause. But it also made us feel bad about that pulled pork we ate yesterday.

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