Thursday Throwdown: A Pizza Story vs. the Good Pie

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A classic Margherita pizza at the Good Pie. | Jennifer Silverberg

After years in the land of cracker crust and Provel, St. Louis has been recently blessed with two authentic Neapolitan-style pizzerias: the Good Pie (6665 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-899-9221) and a Pizza Story (7278 Manchester Road; 314-899-0011). It's a positive sum situation -- with how delicious this wood-fired Italian pie is, we wouldn't complain if there was one on every corner. However, our recent review of a Pizza Story seems to have ignited a debate: who has the edge on this Italian dish: a Pizza Story or the Good Pie?

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Monte Bello Pizzeria Reopens After Kitchen Renovations

The St. Louis-style pie at Monte Bello. | Mabel Suen

Monte Bello Pizzeria (3662 Weber Road; 314-638-8861) is the little restaurant that could. Owner Tom Nix took over the 64-year-old family business last year, only to be thwarted by plumbing issues in June. The needed kitchen renovations were so extensive that Nix wasn't sure Monte Bello would stay open. Luckily, it opened on Thursday to a warm welcome.

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Pizzeoli to Add Neapolitan-Style Pizza to Soulard

A Neapolitan-style pizza topped with eggplant, zucchini and spinach. | Kurman Communications

Soulard will be getting its very own Neapolitan pizza joint this fall. Owner and chef Scott Sandler plans to open Pizzeoli at 1928 South Twelfth Street, formerly Arcelia's, in mid-October or November. We spoke with Sandler about why St. Louis needs another pizza place and the allure of Soulard.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Imo's Pizza

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The square beyond compare. | Ch473

Imo's Pizza is celebrating 50 years in St. Louis this year, and boy, has it been a good one. Jon Hamm's defending (and eating) it on national television, Mayor Slay declaring April 8 "Imo's Day." You know how an Imo's pie should be cut, and you know the three delicious ingredients that make up Provel. But we've rounded up some tidbits that maybe you didn't already know.

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Monte Bello Pizza Closed Due to Plumbing Issues

We need this pizza back. | Mabel Suen

Monte Bello (3662 Weber Road; 314-638-8861) is a delightful little pizza joint that happens to be tucked away in a basement. It's been around for 64 years and is somehow St. Louis best-kept secret. Tom Nix just took over the family business last year. Some kitchen upgrades were needed, which Monte Bello was ready for -- until the plumbing inspector informed Nicks a lot more needed to be done.

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Plank Road Pizza Nears Opening in Cottleville

Outside Plank Road Pizza. | Andrew Brewer

Cottleville is taking a page from Edwardsville, Illinois and on track to become a culinary destination. The latest addition is Plank Road Pizza (5212 Highway N, Cottleville) which will serve pizzas somewhere between Neapolitan and New York-style. We talked to co-owner Andrew Brewer about his plans for the menu and the historic 1841 building that houses Plank Road Pizza.

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Dewey's Teams Up with Trailnet to Remember Sam Scott

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Sam Scott. | Courtesy Trailnet

Sam Scott, a pizza delivery driver for Dewey's Pizza was struck and killed by a drunk driver on February 3, 2012 biking his way home from work at the University City Dewey's. He was twenty years old. Trailnet, a local nonprofit promoting cycling as transportation, has been working with Scott's family not only to remember him but to try and make sure this doesn't happen again.

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Pizza and Porn to Raise Money for Charity at the Crack Fox

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Veggie pizza at Master Pieza. | Mabel Suen

The guy behind the Sweet & Sticky SeXXXy Ice Cream Socials is celebrating two years of raising money for charity with -- what else? -- porn. Instead of ice cream, though, it's pizza. Joe Kloun is teaming up with Master Pieza and the Crack Fox for the Pizza & Porno party for charity.

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"The whole thing is just about fun and whimsy," Kloun tells us, "and the novelty of pairing food and porn in a public place, it's really amusing."

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Dojo Pizza Works With Kids in Bevo on Both Karate and Pizza

This old church is now home to Dojo Pizza. | Google Street View

MRCKA's Dojo Pizza (4601 Morganford Road; 314-351-0935) started out about a year ago as just a karate dojo. It's a nonprofit that teaches karate and dance to local kids for free. Director Loren Copp wasn't expecting someone to donate a pizza kitchen, but it seemed like a perfect opportunity to grow the dojo's outreach.

"We started doing fundraisers with the pizza, and there were more kids coming in that I didn't want to turn away," Copp tells us. "We realized we could do something here to impact the community."

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Pie Five Five-Minute Handcrafted Pizza Coming to St. Louis


We're always up for more pizza, so we're pretty excited that Pie Five is bringing its fast-casual pizza concept to St. Louis. The Houston-based chain is expanding nationwide (and with a St. Louis-raised senior vice president, no less) with twenty locations in the St. Louis area later this year.

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