Sauce on the Side Announces Second Location

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A cazone from Sauce on the Side. | Jennifer Silverberg

After almost two years, calzone joint Sauce on the Size (903 Pine Street; 314-241-5667) is expanding to Clayton. There are fourteen iterations of the Sauce on the Side calzone, but now there's room for even more expansion.

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Pasta House and Schlafly Team Up at Lambert Airport

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Laura Miller

Dining at Lambert Airport (10701 Lambert International Boulevard; 314-426-8000) sure is getting a makeover. First the Budweiser bar rebranded itself as Eighteen-76, then Mike Shannon's added an outpost after a strong debut in Edwardsville, Illinois. Now, international travelers will be able to get even more of a taste of St. Louis.

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Local Italian chain Pasta House Co. and Schlafly beer now have a "combination venue" in Terminal 2.

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Eric Kelly Talks Leaving Scape and Heading to Seattle

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Raw vegetable lasagna at Scape. | Bryan Peters

Eric Kelly opened Scape (48 Maryland Plaza; 314-361-7227) over six years ago in the Central West End. His last day was April 10. Kelly will be moving to Seattle to work with Restaurants Unlimited, a group that currently owns 49 restaurants.

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"My partners and I weren't necessarily philosophically aligned on everything," Kelly tells Gut Check. "I wanted to expand and grow the group, and the partnership. They weren't real excited about growing. So I chose to join forces with a colleague that I used to work with up in Chicago."

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Pi Pizzeria Heads to Cincinnati

Pi on the Loop. | RFT Photo

Pi Pizzeria is continuing its pizza domination and announced this week it's adding a location in Cincinnati, Ohio. It will be Pi's seventh location overall and only the second outside of St. Louis.

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"We are thrilled to be there. Cincinnati is having a major concentrated and strategic resurgence," co-owner Chris Sommers tells us, "and we just wanted to be a part of it."

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Siete Luminarias Will Reopen on Cherokee Street the Last Week in April

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Luis Garcia in the kitchen at Siete Luminarias. | Jennifer Silverberg

We were sad to report that Siete Luminarias (2818 Cherokee Street) closed in March, but it seems there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Co-owner Luis Garcia tells Gut Check that the excellent Mexican restaurant will reopen on Cherokee during the last week in April.

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Mob City Cast Ate at Charlie Gitto's on the Hill

Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead at Wizard World 2014. | Jon Gitchoff

The nerds were out in full force earlier this month for Wizard World 2014. It's basically the Comic Con of St. Louis. Joss Whedon favorite Nathan Fillion helped a couple get engaged; even William Shatner was here.

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Several celebs have been in St. Louis recently (believe it or not, it actually happens), and they've taken in our growing food scene. Jimmy Fallon went to Crown Candy Kitchen. Judah Friedlander ordered -- and hated -- Imo's. Alton Brown fell in love with Pi Pizzeria.

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Backbar at Scape is Ready for Spring

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The dining area at Backbar. | Nancy Stiles

Scape (48 Maryland Plaza; 314-361-7227) is a well-known Central West End hot spot for dinner, but it's easy to forget there's an outdoor lounge, too. The bistro has been prepping its patio for spring and is even upgrading it with two 72-inch flat screens to watch all those Cards games. We got a sneak peek before the upcoming opening on Thursday, April 24.

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Skyrocketing Lime Prices Force Local Restaurants to Get Creative

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Limes are getting pricey. | Florian Maul

You may have noticed the limes at your local grocery store are a little pricier than usual. Come on, 99 cents for one tiny citrus? Those high prices are hitting restaurants that order limes in bulk even harder. Some 98 percent of the limes eaten in the United States come from Mexico, a place that was hard hit by this winter's polar vortex and has also seen escalating drug-cartel violence.

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"Unfortunately, we've just been eating the cost," Mission Taco Joint co-owner Adam Tilford tells us. "We do fresh-squeezed lime juice in all our margaritas and use it in a lot of our dishes. We've been asking if people want one instead of just bringing it out. It's part of our business, so it's nothing we can really get away from."

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Wild Flower Taking Over the Majestic for Barbecue Restaurant

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The Wild Thing pizza at Wild Flower. | Tara Mahadevan

Despite protests to the contrary, the Majestic (4900 Laclede Avenue) closed last week after more than 50 years in the Central West End. Its neighbor Wild Flower (4590 Laclede Avenue; 314-367-9888) has bought the space and will spend the next few months transforming it into a barbecue joint called BBQ Saloon. We talked to co-owner Tracy Czarnec about her plans and why she and husband Phil love the CWE.

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Dave Bailey Responds to Small Batch Criticism: "I'm Taking Full Responsibility"

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Inside Small Batch. | Jennifer Silverberg

Prolific restaurateur Dave Bailey announced this week that even before his second Rooster location is open, he's working on a new barbecue place. We were a bit surprised at the news -- not only has his vegetarian and whiskey restaurant Small Batch (3001 Locust Street; 314-380-2040) been open for just over three months, it has gotten less-than-favorable reviews from RFT and others.

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"I don't want there to be any question as to the poor reviews of Small Batch having any bearing on this [barbecue] restaurant at all," Bailey tells Gut Check. "I've been building these three restaurants simultaneously, and I'm taking full responsibility for the lack of consistency for the food at Small Batch. I already knew before those reviews came out there were consistency issues."

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