St. Louisan Opening Barbecue Shop in Colorado

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Courtesy of Jason Ganahl

Jason Ganahl, a 1994 graduate of Webster Groves High School, is taking St. Louis barbecue to Colorado. The St. Louis native has fond memories of his father grilling in the back yard with his Weber Grill and Maull's sauce at the ready -- such flavors and experiences, he believes, are missing in much of the West.

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Starbucks in Ferguson: New Details Emerge

Courtesy of Natalie's Cakes & More

Details were thin when Starbucks announced in April that they would open a store in Ferguson. Today, the company provided a few more details for the opening next summer.

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RIP "Fast" Eddie Sholar, Sr.

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Update: Johnny's Restaurant & Bar is Still for Sale

RFT's coverage of the potential sale of Johnny's Restaurant & Bar in Soulard sparked all kinds of nostalgic responses from readers, including memories of good times, a lack of memories from even better times and daydreams about owning a restaurant and bar.

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Cider House In Grafton Plagued by High Tide

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Photo by Kevin Korinek
Flooding in Grafton, Illinois.

River City Cider House (211 W. Main Street; 618-320-9392) has been under the weather. Owner Brian Runge is finally getting back to the business of running his cafe on the River Road in Grafton, Illinois. But the rising tide is making it difficult for him to do that. "I knew the flooding would be a problem, because everyone warned me." But he wasn't prepared for the water rising as high as it did.

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Little Dipper Partners Go Separate Ways

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Photo by Mabel Suen
Jason Paul (left) and Thomas Eversmann.

When Jason Paul and Thomas Eversmann co-founded Cherokee Street's Little Dipper (2619 Cherokee Street; 314-625-3230), it was the culmination of decades of friendship. The pair met even before they were high school students in Collinsville, Illinois, played in bands together and even shared a Hammerstone's connection: Eversmann bartends at the Soulard bar and grill, while Paul worked for years for soap business owned by the Hammerstone family.

But while the friendship remains, the partnership is kaput: Paul confirmed to Riverfront Times yesterday that Eversmann has left the restaurant.

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St. Louis-Based Farmer Girl Meats to Provide Food for Dave Matthews Band

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Leslie Moore and friends on the farm. | Compliments of Farmer Girl Meats

Farmer Girl Meats' Leslie Moore was looking over the agenda for her weekly staff meeting when something caught her off guard. "Dave Matthews Band?" She asked her coworkers incredulously. "Why does it say we are supposed to have a meeting with Dave Matthews Band on Thursday?"

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Twisted Ranch Chef: Owners Have "No Idea What They Are Doing"

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Photo by Sarah Fenske
The burger at Twisted Ranch, served with a side of fries and, of course, ranch dressing.

Drama continues at St. Louis' ranch dressing-themed restaurant!

Two days after Riverfront Times broke the news that Johnathan Tinker, the chef slated to open Twisted Ranch on June 30, had walked off the job 20 minutes into the restaurant's soft opening, we heard from Tinker.

The chef confirmed that he did, in fact, leave that night without saying a word. He also said that co-owners Jim Hayden and Chad Allen are "great people."

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But, Tinker explained in a lengthy email, he felt he had no choice: "Jim and Chad have no idea what they are doing as owners of a restaurant."

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David Chang Just Can't Wait To Try St. Louis-Style Pizza

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Chef David Chang. | Gabriele Stabile

David Chang, the legendary New York chef who founded Momofuku, is headed to St. Louis this weekend to crown Budweiser's Bud and Burgers champion. The competition, which pits amateur chefs from ten different cities against one another in a search for the nation's best burger, culminates on Saturday at the Anheuser-Busch brewery. Chang will be on hand to name the winner.

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Twisted Ranch Chef Quit During Soft Opening, Owner Says

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Photo by Sarah Fenske
Johnathan Tinker (left), who had been hired as the chef at Twisted Ranch, is shown here with owners Jim Hayden and Chad Allen.

UPDATE: We've heard from the chef who walked off the job. See the latest for more information.

Original post follows:

Johnathan Tinker, the chef who'd been slated to open the nation's first ranch-dressing-themed restaurant, Twisted Ranch, walked off the job 20 minutes into the restaurant's first night of soft opening on June 26, as the restaurant's co-owner confirmed to Riverfront Times this morning.

The unexpected departure has pushed back the restaurant's opening. Twisted Ranch had originally announced a June 30 opening date, only to announce on Facebook just a day or two before that the date had changed. Up until this point, no explanation had been given.

But co-owners Jim Hayden and Chad Allen have since hired another chef and hope to announce a new opening date soon.

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