Taha'a Twisted Tiki Looks Forward Without the Gamlins

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The new coconut shrimp at Taha'a. | Stephanie Tash

Earlier this month, Gamlin Restaurant Group announced that its year-old tiki bar in the Grove, Taha'a Twisted Tiki (4199 Manchester Avenue; 314-202-8300), would no longer be under its direction. Instead, partners Steve Blome and John Speno are taking Taha'a into its second year (after a birthday celebration this weekend). We talked to them, along with bar manager Stephanie Tash, about menu changes and what they've learned.

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Steve's Hot Dogs Adds New Menu of Decadent Mac & Cheese Bowls

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Mac & cheese bowls from Steve's Hot Dogs. | Steve Ewing

Steve's Hot Dogs (multiple locations) is obviously known for its wieners, but customer requests for more of its mac & cheese sides led to an additional menu.

"We thought of doing the mac & cheese bowls almost how we do the hot dogs -- start with the hot dog, and embellish," owner Steve Ewing tells us. "So we started with our mac & cheese [that] we make all day long, that's really good by itself, and started putting things on top."

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Tony's Restaurant to Add Fast-Casual Sibling, Tony's A.M.

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The Equitable Building will add Tony's A.M. next month. | Google Street View

Tony's (410 Market Street; 314-231-7007) is pretty much the opposite of a fast-casual restaurant. The St. Louis classic is known for its impeccable meals -- even after 40-plus years, St. Louis Magazine named it the best restaurant of 2014. But when the cafeteria tenant's lease in the Equitable building was not renewed, Tony's A.M. was born.

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Guerrilla Street Food Snags a Storefront on South Grand

Chicken Adobo with soy sauce and vinegar braised chicken thighs served over steamed jasmine rice with green onions. | Jennifer Silverberg

Guerrilla Street Food (@guerillastreet; 314-529-1328) has been raising funds for a bricks-and-mortar location for its hit food truck since 2013. It's finally becoming a reality. Chef Brian Hardesty and his team have signed a lease for Guerrilla at 3024 South Grand Boulevard.

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Companion Bakery Plans Extensive Maryland Heights Expansion

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A rendering of the new Companion facility. | Courtesy Companion Bakery

You probably don't even realize how often you've been treated to Companion Bakery bread. Besides its cafe, Companion provides bread for restaurants across St. Louis like Juniper, Mathew's Kitchen, Panorama, Capitalist Pig, Dressel's Pub and more. The Clayton cafe was renovated last year, and owner Josh Allen told us then he was eyeing a big expansion. Turns out, Companion will be moving operations to Maryland Heights.

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Taha'a Twisted Tiki No Longer Part of Gamlin Restaurant Group

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Taha'a Twisted Tiki in the Grove. | Mabel Suen

Taha'a Twisted Tiki (4199 Manchester Avenue; 314-202-8300) opened in the Grove in December 2013, the third restaurant for Lucas and Derek Gamlin of Gamlin Restaurant Group. Like Sub Zero Vodka Bar and Gamlin Whiskey House, Taha'a's cocktails focus on one spirit -- rum -- and unlike those two, has all the decor the name might suggest. However, the Gamlins announced that they are "turning over the reins to the team of shareholders."

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Mission Taco Joint Debuts Housemade Hot Sauces, Catering

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Jason Tilford making fresh tortillas at Mission Taco Joint. | Jennifer Silverberg

Mission Taco Joint (6235 Delmar Boulevard; 314-932-5430) acquired a space on the Hill last year to make its own masa for fresh tortillas. The brothers Tilford, Adam and Jason, started making their own hot sauces in the "commissary," -- it's actually a full line kitchen -- and have just added a catering service to fully utilize the space. We talked to Jason Tilford about the changes for Mission in the new year.

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Whitebox Eatery Wants You to Have the Best Super Bowl Ever

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We know what you're thinking: perfect for the Super Bowl! | Jennifer Silverberg

The biggest game of the year is in just a few weeks, and while some people will be avoiding the spectacle, we'll be indulging in some football-watching, appetizer-sharing fun. Whitebox Eatery (176 Carondelet Plaza, Clayton; 314-862-2802) wants to give you and 24 of your friends the best Super Bowl ever. You know, that new super chic, sleek Clayton breakfast place. Yep.

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Basso's Patrick Connolly Leaves St. Louis

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Patrick Connolly in the open kitchen at Basso. | Jennifer Silverberg

Basso's (7036 Clayton Avenue; 314-932-7818) executive chef Patrick Connolly has left the restaurant and St. Louis, according to a release put out by the company. The critically acclaimed restaurant is downstairs from the Restaurant at the Cheshire and is currently behind helmed by its executive chef, Rex Hale.

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Kakao Chocolate, Kaldi's Win Good Food Awards

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Kakao Chocolate. | Laura Ann Miller

The Good Food Awards were held last night in San Francisco, and almost 1,500 companies across the country were submitted in the spirit of making food items that contribute to a "tasty, authentic and responsible food system." Both Kaldi's Coffee (700 DeMun Avenue, Clayton; 314-727-9955) and Kakao Chocolate (2301 South Jefferson Avenue; 314-771-2310) were announced as finalists back in October.

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