Pizzeoli Expands, Adds Saturday Lunch

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Photo by Mabel Suen
Pies at Pizzeoli.
Pizzeoli, the Soulard pizzeria that's earned raves since opening last fall, has been one of the toughest places in town to snag a table -- no small feat considering it's a vegetarian restaurant in a town where meat is king.

But things should be a lot easier going forward: Owner Scott Sandler was able to lease the adjoining space next door, formerly the dining room of a Mexican restaurant. That nearly doubles the restaurant's capacity. "It's going to be a lot more comfortable for folks," Sandler promises. "If people want privacy, they can go into the second room. If they want to be in the room with the bar, they can do that. Choices."

The grand-opening celebration for the new space -- a beer dinner with New Holland Brewing -- is tonight. Patrons can enjoy New Holland drafts paired with Pizzeoli's Neapolitan pies for $35, or order a la carte off the restaurant's usual menu.

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True Sites Alaskan Restaurant Launches GoFundMe Page

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The high-profile corner at Manchester and Sutton in Maplewood has housed a number of short-lived restaurants. | Google Street View

The embattled corner at Manchester and Sutton in Maplewood may have claimed another victim. After Blind Tiger (a Gut Check favorite) closed in September 2014, Michael True took over the large, multi-use space at 7376 Manchester Road for an upcoming Alaskan-themed restaurant called True Sites. Early reports said the unusual restaurant was slated to open in February 2015, but that has come and gone. Now, True has set up a GoFundMe campaign page to raise money and save his restaurant before it even opens.

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Peacock Loop Diner Wins Signs of the Times Design Competition

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The Peacock Loop Diner's already-famous neon sign. | Mabel Suen

Joe Edwards is no stranger to neon signs. The flashing lights and noteworthy designs at Loop stalwarts such as Blueberry Hill, Pin-Up Bowl, the Pageant and the Moonrise Hotel are familiar to visitors and residents alike, but Edwards' latest, the Peacock Loop Diner (6261 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-721-5555), has bragging rights for now. The 1,800-pound animated peacock sign won Signs of the Times magazine's design competition last week.

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Juniper Removes Too-Trendy Fried Chicken From Menu

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Relax: You can still get Juniper's chicken and waffles. | Jennifer Silverberg

We may have reached peak fried chicken. St. Louis now has multiple prominent, trendy restaurants dedicated to the simple bird, but one has decided to take the popular item off the menu. At least for now. Juniper (360 North Boyle Avenue; 314-329-7696) announced last week that a mainstay on its Southern-twinged menu, the fried chicken plate, will no longer be available. Why? It's been done to death.

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Iconic Shakespeare's Pizza Building to Be Demolished in Columbia

Shakespeare's Pizza opened at the corner of Ninth and Elm in 1973. | Chris Yunker

If you're a Mizzou fan, you might want to brace yourself for this news. The iconic white and green Shakespeare's Pizza at the corner of Ninth and Elm Streets in Columbia is going to be demolished. Luckily, Shakespeare's isn't going anywhere, but it's still the victim of the apparent Brookeside-ification of downton CoMO.

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Terrazza Grill by Lombardo's Closed March 29, Syberg's to Take Over Space

Terrazza Grill by Lombardo's in Arnold. | Google Street View

Terrazza Grill by Lombardo's (249 Arnold Crossroads Center, Arnold), one of five restaurants owned by the Lombardo family, closed Sunday, March 29. Owner Tony Lombardo confirmed that Sunday night was the last dinner service and that Syberg's will be taking over the lease.

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Chef Adam Altnether to Leave Niche

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Adam Altnether, left, with Nate Hereford and Gerard Craft. | Jennifer Silverberg

In a press release this morning, owner and executive chef Gerard Craft announced that his partner Adam Altnether will be leaving Niche (7734 Forsyth Boulevard, Clayton; 314-773-7755). Altnether, who is Niche's corporate chef and part-owner, will "pursue other endeavors."

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Gerard Craft Talks His Sixth James Beard Foundation Award Nomination

Gerard Craft at Niche. | Jennifer Silverberg

The James Beard Foundation Award finalists were announced last week, and out of several St. Louis semifinalists, only one will make it to Chicago this year: Gerard Craft. That should be no surprise -- it's his sixth nomination. We talked to Craft about what that means for him, his team and whether he thinks he's the Susan Lucci of the James Beard Awards.

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Rick Lewis Leaving Quincy Street Bistro to Head New Restaurant for Pappy's

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Chef Rick Lewis. | Cheryl Baehr

Chef Rick Lewis is leaving Quincy Street Bistro, a restaurant that has been synonymous with his name after he took over in 2012. Since then, he's racked up a James Beard Award nomination and tons of accolades. It stands to reason, then, that Lewis would want to start his own place. He's joining Mike Emerson of Pappy's Smokehouse to open Southern.

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Whitebox Eatery Debuts Catering Service and Private Event Space

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Roast beef and tuna sandwiches, kebobs and blue cheese and tomato bruschetta from the catering menu. | Nancy Stiles

Whitebox Eastery (176 Carondelet Plaza, Clayton; 314-862-2802) is a sleek breakfast and lunch spot by day, but co-owner Brendan Marsden hopes to utilize it as an event space by night.

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