What is St. Louis' Most Underrated Fried Chicken?

Fried chicken at Old Standard. | Mabel Suen

Fried chicken is definitely having a moment. Of course, it has been a staple of American cuisine (especially Southern cooking) for years, but it's enjoying a bit of celebrity. Hell, Ben Poremba just opened an entire restaurant devoted to the dish. John Perkins and Josh Galliano take it to the next level on a weekly basis.

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Your Pick for St. Louis' Most Underrated French Fries Is...

Layla's falafel fries with tzatziki aioli. | Mabel Suen

We had some great nominees for last week's vote, but it was the most conventional of the four that caught your eye. The falafel fries at Layla took first place with 41 percent of the vote.

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Vote for St. Louis' Most Underrated French Fries

Falafel fries with tzatziki aioli. at Layla in the Grove. | Mabel Suen

Ahh, french fries. How could something so simple be so delicious? Plenty of places around town are known for their fries -- the Dam, Blueberry Hill -- but we want you to pick the place that should get some love for those little potatoes.

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What Are St. Louis' Most Underrated French Fries?

The fries at the Kitchen Sink. | Nancy Stiles

French fries may be the greatest side dish ever created. So simple, yet so delicious. Despite the name (which refers to the cut of the potato, not its country of origin), french fries are just as American as apple pie. One of McDonald's bestsellers can also be elevated to gourmet heights, for better or worse. (It's truffle oil, we get it.) We have several restaurants here in St. Louis that serve our favorite fries, but who serves the most underrated version?

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Restituo's Living Room Style Gets Your Vote for Most Underrated Coffeehouse

The dining room at Restituo. | Mabel Suen

Restituo (4100 Shenandoah Avenue) has only been open for a few months, but already the New York-style coffeehouse has a following. Owner Nicole McCormack refurbished the cafe's mismatched furniture, handcrafted many of the coffee mugs and imports her favorite New York coffee. We talked to McCormack about why these things add up to St. Louis' most underrated coffeehouse.

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Vote for St. Louis' Most Underrated Coffeehouse

A pumpkin spice latte at Stone Spiral. In a Christmas mug. | Zoe Kline

All we want to do this time of year is curl up in a cozy chair, with a nice warm coffee and a good book. It seems you guys love that, too, so we've got some good nominees for the coffeehouse that could use some more love. Continue on to vote for St. Louis' most underrated coffeehouse.

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What is St. Louis' Most Underrated Coffeehouse?

The latte at this year's choice for best coffeehouse, RISE Coffee. | Mabel Suen

Apparently ya'll aren't big on cozy autumn drinks -- we didn't get many nominations last week, so we'll try again. It's the perfect time of year to spend your morning in a warm coffeehouse, cuddled up with your favorite brew. Everyone has their favorite neighborhood place, and we want to know where we should check out next. Is it a brand-new shop like Kitchen House Coffee, or an oldie but goodie like Meshuggah?

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What Is St. Louis' Most Underrated Autumn Drink?

A vegan-friendly pumpkin-spice latte at Foundation Grounds. | Zoe Kline

Forget the pumpkin-spice latte for now -- at least the Starbucks iteration. There are so many other delicious, spiced, and yes, sometimes, pumpkin-flavored beverages to enjoy as the days get colder and shorter. We thought you guys could help us discover some more at places around St. Louis, whether it be a craft beer, apple cider or who knows what else.

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Your Pick for St. Louis' Most Underrated Pumpkin Beer Is...

Growlers at Ferguson Brewing Company. | Pat Kohm

Pumpkin beer season is in full swing now, as is Oktoberfest. We asked our readers to let us know which pumpkin beer we should be paying more attention to. After tons of great nominations, we narrowed it down to Ferguson Brewery, Square One Brewery, Crown Valley Brewing and Charleville Brewing. After a vote, St. Louis named Ferguson's Pumpkin Ale the most underrated pumpkin beer in town.

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Vote for St. Louis' Most Underrated Pumpkin Beer

What's your favorite brew? | Jennifer Silverberg

Scratch what we said last week -- it really does feel like fall. Pumpkin beers are everywhere, the more exciting sibling of the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte. With the amount of craft breweries in town, we also have an unprecedented number of pumpkin beers. You gave us some great nominations for lesser-known brews. So what'll it be? Should we check out Charleville Brewing, Crown Valley, Ferguson Brewing or Square One?

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