Tyson Recalls 75,000 Pounds of Chicken Nuggets


Tyson is one of the biggest names in poultry, and it's got a big plant just up the road in Sedalia. The company advertises its chicken nuggets as a great meal for kids, but the USDA announced Friday it'll be recalling more than 75,000 pounds of those little nugs.

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Seeking the Biggest Eaters in St. Louis: A Call for Submissions

This miserable person could be you. | Zach Garrison

This week, Gut Check regular contributor Zach Garrison dished about his certifiably insane attempt to win six of St. Louis' toughest eating challenges. We won't give away the ending if you missed it, but it will likely come as no surprise that Zach suffered considerably both physically and mentally (but mostly physically) to get through all six challenges.

He also made a prediction: No matter how awful his experience was, St. Louisans would read his account and assume they could definitely do better than he did. He was right.

And if you're one of those people, Gut Check wants to hear about it.

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The 6 Toughest Eating Challenges in St. Louis and One Foolish Man's Attempt to Beat Them All

The author at Mama Campisi's. | Zach Garrison

Charlie Stark, owner of the Whistle Stop in Ferguson, readily admits where the inspiration for his restaurant's thirteen-scoop, frozen-yogurt challenge comes from.

"Man v. Food. I won't lie," he says.

Jeff Mullersman, owner and chef at de.lish Cheesecake Bakery & Cafe, also found inspiration after seeing a food-challenge show on television.

"I just loved watching people taking on the different challenges," says Mullersman of his fiery-hot Inferno Sandwich Challenge. "It's just fun to watch people sweat."

It's not as if this is an entirely new trend -- Crown Candy Kitchen started its 5 Malt Challenge all the way back in 1913. And there is nothing more prototypically American than our celebration of eating, whether it's our ridiculously large portions, professional competitive-eating circuits or conquering unfathomable levels of spice, people can't get enough.

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It's Not Delivery, It's Plastic Fragments: DiGiorno, California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas Recalled

Image via
Gut Check was just talking to ourselves the other day: "Self," we said, "it's been a while since we reported on any foods being recalled because of plastic contamination."

So we ambled on over (virtually speaking) to the FDA's recall, withdrawal and safety alert website and, lo and behold!, there's plastic in the frozen pizzas!

Nestlé USA has announced a voluntary recall of four specific frozen pizzas for possible contamination by what the press release describes as "fragments of clear plastic."

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Fazio's Meatballs Recalled for Listeria Risk

image via
Mama mia!

That's a spicy meat-a-ball! And do I detect a hint of listeria?

St. Louis-based P.E. & F. Inc. has recalled approximately 123 pounds of frozen, ready-to-eat meatballs due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced the recall on Thursday, but according to Nick Lamia, a representative for P.E. & F., the meatballs have been off of grocery store freezer shelves since Tuesday.

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Louisiana Firm Recalls 468,000 Pounds of Meat for Listeria Risk

manda label.jpg
Well, hello there, When Food Attacks. We haven't visited with you in a while. But we return to your clammy, off-smelling embrace with a doozy of a recall:

Manda Packing Company of Baker, Louisiana, has recalled 468,000 pounds of its meat products over the risk of listeria contamination. And before you smugly point out that you Baker, Louisiana is nowhere near St. Louis, we note that both Missouri and Illinois are among the states to which Manda distributed its products.

The recall (dated April 12) involves multiple products under multiple brand names. The official USDA announcement of the Manda recall has the complete list of brands.

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Momentary Panic: Buffalo Trace Recalls... Flavored Sauces

buffalo trace sauce.jpg
I ask so very little of the universe. Two things, really. Don't serve me desiccated calamari. And don't screw with my bourbon. This week already shattered one of my illusions. And then, for a moment this morning -- before the coffee kicked in -- I thought it had taken out the other as well.

The Buffalo Trace Distillery has issued a voluntary recall of...[exhales] several flavored sauces sold at its gift shop, at retail locations in numerous states (including Missouri and Illinois) and online.

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Is There Horsemeat in Our Hamburger? Inquiring Gut Check Wants to Know!

Anyone besides Gut Check been keeping a finger on the pulse of the European horsemeat scandal? Here's a pop quiz so you can prove it:

Which of the following companies doesn't belong with the others?

A. Aldi
B. Burger King
D. Walmart
E. McDonald's
F. Taco Bell
G. Birds Eye

(Answer at end of this post. Oh, OK, here, lazybones.)

Gut Check has never eaten horsemeat -- that we're aware of. You?
We consider ourself moderately well informed about the deal, but our curiosity was piqued, all the same, by a press release that landed in our inbox from a company called Neogen, headlined simply, "Neogen responding to horse meat in beef concerns."

Neogen, it turns out, is a publicly held company based in Lansing, Michigan, that manufactures the F.A.S.T., or Food Analyte Screening Test, which can detect the presence of a different species in the flesh of uncooked meats or meat products.

According to the press release, F.A.S.T.s "are immunostick assays that can provide clear visual results in about 30 minutes" and are available in versions that can detect cow, horse, sheep, pig and poultry.

With U.S.D.A. approval of equine abattoirs on the horizon and visions of unmasking stateside impostors dishing out horsemeat bolognese dancing in our head, Gut Check had our secretary get Lansing on the horn. We were quickly passed along to Neogen's vice president of food safety, Ed Bradley, who took the time to respond to a list of e-mailed questions -- and instantly lay waste to our food-vigilante-superhero dreams.

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Bumble Bee Recalls Canned Tuna for Loose Seals [Updated]

no buster loose seal.jpeg
No, Buster. The problem with Bumble Bee canned tuna is not Lucille, Nos. 1 or 2.

Bumble Bee today announced a voluntary recall of certain five-ounce cans of its Chunk White Albacore and its Chunk Light Tuna because the cans' seals might be loose.

Update: (Thursday, March 7, 12:00 p.m.) Tri-Union Seafoods has issued a voluntary recall of certain five-ounce cans of its Chicken of the Sea-brand canned chunk white albacore tuna because the lid seams do not meet the company's quality standards. View the list of recalled products on the FDA website.

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Applegate Organics Chicken and Apple Sausage Recalled

applegate logo.jpg
Image via
Sadly, this week we made it only till Tuesday morning before coming across news of another food recalled because of foreign material.

Schmalz's European Provisions has recalled its Applegates Organics Chicken and Apple Sausage because of the possible presence of small pieces of plastic.

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