Missouri Honored or Snubbed by Wine Spectator?

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Courtesy of Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator's August 31 issue has hit the shelves, featuring its 2015 Restaurant Awards. A number of Missouri restaurants made the list, but were they high enough? Was anyone snubbed?

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D'Bes Wine, from St. Lunatics Murphy Lee and Kyjuan, Officially Launches Tonight

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Kyjuan and Murphy Lee with their new line, D'Bes Wine. | Courtesy D'Bes Wine

In case you're wondering what the St. Lunatics' Murphy Lee and Kyjuan have been up to lately, try grabbing a cold glass of the D'Bes Wine.

"The mission is to conquer St. Louis, then Missouri," Kyjuan tells Gut Check.

You may recall Murphy Lee and Kyjuan's first foray into the adult beverage business with "Freaky Muscato." The sparking dessert wine came out In 2011 and landed in about 400 store locations, including QuikTrip, Randall's and Schnucks. But sometime in 2012, Lee and Kyjuan dissolved the partnership with the other owners of Freaky, while hanging on to their connection with winemaker Crown Valley. The Ste. Genevieve winery helped them not only bring back a new version of the moscato, but add a peach and blackberry-flavored wine to create D'Bes. And they're celebrating tonight in epic St. Louis fashion.

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Heat Wave has Missouri Winemakers Sweating

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Stone Hill Winery (lower left) in Hermann
St. Louis Public Radio reported this week that heat-ocalypse 2012 is "good news for Missouri winemakers." Not so, says Jon Held, vice president of Stone Hill Winery (1110 Stone Hill Highway, Hermann; 800-909-9463). Those precious booze-making grapes aren't exempt from the sweltering heat that has shriveled crops across the Midwest.

"A lot of the state's vineyards are unirrigated," Held says, including most at Stone Hill. "We're very concerned about how things will turn out this season."

Popular notions about winemaking suggest that hot, dry years with lots of sunlight trigger sugar production, leaving growers with sweet grapes. But triple-digit temperatures can be downright destructive, Held says. No one wants to wake up to a vineyard of raisins.

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Get Your Bubbly On with St. Lunatics Murphy Lee and Kyjuan

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Thumbnail image for murphy_lee_st_lunatics.jpg
Jennifer Silverberg
Murphy Lee is a Renaissance man. When he's not recording and releasing music (such as the recent Wine, Weed & Women mixtape and an irresistible new video/song, "I'm Da Damn Man, Ma'am Damn, Yes I Am"), he and fellow St. Lunatic Kyjuan are promoting good eating habits via a healthy-cooking show, Good 4 U. Murph and Kyjuan have yet another endeavor that they're beginning to promote around St. Louis: their own brand of muscato. Dubbed "Freaky" Muscato, it's made by the Crown Valley Winery in Ste. Genevieve, according to Saint Louis Cellars. The Maplewood store further describes it as "a remarkably fruity and fragrant sparkling with an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity." Murph and Kyjuan will be holding two samplings of the muscato this week:

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(Everybody Must Get) Stone Hill Vignoles 2009

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Wine gets lost in the passionate "local" food movement. While locavores wax rhapsodically about farmers, cheesemakers, beekeepers and brewers, wine producers close to home are virtually ignored. With "Show Me Wine," Gut Check sets out to determine -- on a bottle by bottle basis -- whether we're missing the boat.

Dave Nelson
The Wine: 2009 Stone Hill Vignoles

No reason to mess around. We're starting at the top here, with the wine that just won the Governor's Cup -- the grand prize at the Missouri Wine Competition, and also Best White Wine at the Mid-American Wine Competition.

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