Tiny Bar Is Opening Downtown, Literally

Finishing up the mural at the Tiny Bar. | Courtesy Aaron Perlut

St. Louis is home to a few lovely, pint-sized diners. Whether it's a quick stop during the workday or a late night after the bars, cozy spots like Carl's Drive-In (sixteen seats) or Tiffany's Original Diner (twelve or so seats) are perfect for a quick bite. But can we expect the same charm from an itsy-bitsy bar? We're about to find out, once Tiny Bar (1008 Lucas Street) opens in downtown.

The Tiny Bar comes from marketing and public-relations firm Elasticity, which just couldn't decide what to do with its 250-square-foot lobby. So, it'll be a twelve-seat bar, complete with $10 cocktails and a drink menu developed by Ted Charak of Planter's House.

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Macaroni Grill Is Selling All Its Shit on Craigslist

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via Craigslist

All four St. Louis locations of national Italian chain Macaroni Grill closed rather abruptly last month, leaving employees and fans in the lurch. But perhaps there is a silver lining -- that is, if you're in the market for some restaurant-grade appliances. It seems Macaroni Grill is trying to unload more than 4,000 kitchen items in an auction by way of Craigslist.

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Little Girl Puts Together Cookbook of Governors' Favorite Recipes, Jay Nixon's Is Missing

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Jay Nixon not eating beef brisket at the Governor's Mansion. | Missouri News Horizon

In the most adorable school project ever, ten-year-old Lauren Wu of San Carlos, California, decided to create a cookbook with the favorite recipes of all 50 U.S. governors. Not everybody responded, but she put together a book of 26 recipes. One state missing? Our own Missouri.

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Tower Grove East Restaurants Face Multiple Break-Ins

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Outside the Shaved Duck in Tower Grove East. | Google Street View

Two Tower Grove East restaurants were vandalized this week in what is becoming an alarming pattern. Grove East Provisions (3101 Arsenal Street; 314-802-7090) and the Shaved Duck (2900 Virginia Avenue; 314-776-1407) were both targeted, but police say as of now, they are treating the incidents as unrelated.

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Fictional Bar in Ben Affleck Movie Shot in Cape Girardeau to Become Real Bar

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A screenshot from the Gone Girl trailer. | YouTube/20th Century Fox

Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel Gone Girl is set right here in Missouri -- Ben Affleck's character is a native who has moved his somewhat reluctant wife back to his hometown. That is, before she goes missing. It's a super intense book (we won't spoil it, but trust us, you won't be expecting any of it), and the movie comes out October 3.

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Missourians Google "Chimichanga" More Than Any Other Food Search Term

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YIKES. | Estately

Missouri ranks all over the place in lots of crazy lists, but the results for the latest survey just may be the strangest. The fine folks over at Estately -- they're the ones who told us how barbecue-crazed we are -- have figured out the top food-related Google searches over the last ten years. Missouri's isn't exactly what you'd expect...

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Awful Customer Changes Sign to Offer "Mike Brown Special" at St. Charles Bar, Gets Banned

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The photo appeared on social media Friday afternoon. | Facebook Screenshot

There was a very disturbing photo floating around social media this afternoon. It appeared that a St. Louis bar put out a chalkboard special sign on the sidewalk -- not unusual -- but one that advertised a "Mike Brown Special": six shots of something. It turns out a customer at the Lounge in St. Charles wrote it on the sign sometime while the owner was at the gym on Thursday Night.

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PETA Wants to Ruin the World's Largest Catsup Bottle

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Don't deface me! | Google Street View

Last week we reported on the possibility of Oscar Mayer purchasing the World's Largest Catsup bottle in Collinsville, Illinois. The landmark water tower is up for sale, including the warehouse property it sits on. We thought a Wienermobile pairing would be pretty much the best thing ever. But now PETA wants to "help" -- by painting an ad over the iconic bottle.

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Meet the Easy Chicken, a St. Louis Start-Up That Rents Backyard Chickens

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Look how easy! | The Easy Chicken

If you really want to be an urban hipster, you have to have chickens. But they're kind of a hassle -- how do you build a chicken coop? And keep them warm in the winter? And what exactly do chickens eat? The Easy Chicken can help you out.

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The World's Largest Catsup Bottle is For Sale

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The World's Largest Catsup Bottle as seen from Route 66. | Google Street View

The world's largest catsup bottle is located in the St. Louis area -- well, Collinsville, Illinois, to be exact. It was built atop a water-tower stand in 1949 as a roadside advertisement for the G.S. Suppiger Catsup Bottling Plant. It was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

And now, it can be yours for just $500,000.

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