Apop Records: An Oral History From the Local Music Community

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Courtesy of Tiffany Minx
Beryl, the Apop Records store cat.

By Joseph Hess and Mabel Suen

Patrons of Apop Records found a wide range of intriguing things to peruse and amuse the years, from half-naked no wave bands to Beryl the grouchy-yet-lovable store cat. When Tiffany Minx opened the store in 2004, she planned on running the operation for maybe five years. Now, after a decade of slinging counterculture ephemera, she's ready to move on. The brick-and-mortar storefront on Cherokee Street will offer up its last slabs of wax on Monday, October 27.

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Misfits, Guster, Fragile Porcelain Mice and More in This Week's Show Announcements

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Press Photo
Guster performs at the Pageant in early 2015.

Here again is every newly announced show for the week! On page one you'll find a quick list of shows that particularly caught our attention, followed by embedded YouTube videos of artists you may not be familiar with. Page two contains our complete listing of new shows, so you can do some digging of your own and let us know which ones you are excited about! Click through, and start planning ahead.

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Schwarz Talks About Lil B, Social Media and His Protest Song "Hands Up, Don't Shoot"

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Press photo

It makes sense that a world informed by social media and infinite feeds of information would inspire generations of artists. Such is the case for house-music producer Adam Schwarz. For years now, Schwarz has been producing high-energy club music from his homebase of Baltimore, Maryland. Imbued with the city's deep history with vogue and club culture, Schwarz has distilled his love for Baltimore house into a strange new beat. His take on the genre has allowed him to fill clubs from Baltimore to New York and even land a few spots producing for Internet rap icon, Lil B.

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Con's Solstice Part 2 (Dreams from a Snow Globe): Listen Now

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Screenshot from MME's "Westfall" video, embedded below.
Hip-hop has the ability to respond to the 24-hour news cycle more quickly and more incisively than any other musical from, so it wasn't surprising that MCs both at home and abroad used music to register their feelings after Michael Brown's killing on August 9. It's a safe bet that Ferguson will be rich terrain for St. Louis hip-hop in the years to come, and we're already seeing the community respond in song.

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Six Reasons I Won't Like Your Band On Facebook

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Every week, we get thousands of notifications on Facebook, and because our lives are privileged and lonely, we pay attention to them. Everyone has commented on everything. It is everybody's birthday today. Everyone but you has had a baby and is also celebrating their four-year anniversary with a decent human being. Facebook is a constant hum of people begging for your attention without looking you in the eyes.

If that's not enough, the network puts you in the awkward situation of dealing with a constant flow of hellish invites. A high school friend wants you to come to their pre-engagement party. The barista from the coffee shop down the street has invited you to visit his new art gallery composed entirely of Lolcats and pictures of trees at the zoo. Your aunt really, really, really wants you to play Candy Crush Saga. And of course, some asshole wants you to like their band on Facebook.

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Comedian Hannibal Buress Talks Standup, Baseball and Ninjas

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Since his last stop in St. Louis just over a year ago at the Firebird, Hannibal Buress has been beyond busy. Heading into its second season, Buress will return as Lincoln, co-staring on Llana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson's Comedy Central hit Broad City. He'll also be back in the oversized chair/undersized couch for the third season as cohost of The Eric Andre Show and is making yet another big-screen debut later this year with Flock of Dudes. Buress still hosts Sunday nights at the Knitting Factory when he's home in New York City and just set off on The Comedy Camasido Tour with a brand-new hour this very month.

We talked with Buress about how he makes time to write and develop his standup, what it means to "get baseballed" and, as an added bonus, he was even kind enough to divulge the details of his first standup appearance. He will be appearing at the Pageant on Friday, October 24, at 8 p.m.

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Sleepy Nelly Wakes Up at 10 A.M., Gets Out of Bed, Adjusts Shorts a Little: Video

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Press photo
Then Nelly keeps it real by enjoying a heart-healthy breakfast with his bee pal.
This past week, St. Louis rapper/shoe salesman Nelly has teamed up with cable network/unwatchable blight on humanity BET to release a sixteen-second video in which he awakens at the crack of 10 a.m., slowly rises from his bed, and then adjusts his shorts a little bit. The short film was published on Tuesday, October 14, and has already garnered nearly 20,000 views on YouTube, along with the fawning praise of critics on the site.

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Don't Ask Taylor Momsen of the Pretty Reckless About Gossip Girl

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By Ashley Zimmerman

The Pretty Reckless currently has a hell of a lot to be happy about. The band's latest album, Going to Hell, has already produced two hit tunes -- "Heaven Knows" and "Fucked Up World" -- and the group just kicked off the second leg of its North American tour.

It's no surprise that Taylor Momsen, who once acted in Gossip Girl, is heading straight to the top. What is surprising is that she's been able to do it with aggressive rock & roll. While most music geared to 21-year-old girls is total "popcorn" pop, as Momsen calls it, she told us she's on a much different musical path.

As for whether we'll be seeing Momsen on the big or little screen again, the answer is, probs not. We found this all out and so much more when speaking with Momsen before the tour brings the Pretty Reckless to the Pageant on October 23.

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The Best Concerts in St. Louis From October 20 to 26

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Jon Gitchoff for RFT
Meat Puppets - Tuesday, October 21 @ Blueberry Hill.

This week we've got a mix of punk and funk with legendary metal (King Diamond) for good measure. Local post-hardcore players Anodes will kick off their tour on Saturday along with busybodies Blight Future and Heavy Horse. The weather's nice, so get out there before the next polar vortex (or maybe not).

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Weezer Sprints Through Hits-Heavy Set at Plush: Review, Photos, Setlist

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Steve Truesdell
Weezer performs at Plush on October 19, 2014. See more photos here.

Ok, so maybe when it comes to music, length really doesn't matter.

In stark contrast to Pearl Jam's recent three-hour show, Weezer sprinted through its headlining set at Plush in just over an hour. Then again, perhaps this was appropriate, with the band's performance being the grace note of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on October 19, 2014, though lead vocalist/guitarist Rivers Cuomo readily admits to failing P.E.

"I was never much of a runner... but for some reason, you picked Weeeeeeee-zer," Cuomo sang during an instrumental interlude. "You're not asking us to run or do calisthenics or push-ups or anything but play muuuuuuu-sic. That's what we dooooooo. That's all we dooooooooooooooo."

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