Listen to Pokey LaFarge's Ridiculously Catchy New Song, "Something in the Water"

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The album cover for Pokey's upcoming Rounder Records debut, due April 7.
Yesterday, Rounder Records -- new home to the music of St. Louis' own Pokey LaFarge -- announced an April 7 release date for his debut album for the label, entitled Something in the Water. Accompanying the announcement is a short video with footage from the studio and a portion of the album's title track playing in the background.

And it is ridiculously, toe-tappingly catchy.

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The New Marilyn Manson Album Is Shockingly Good

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The cover of Marilyn Manson's The Pale Emperor
Marilyn Manson recently marked the release his ninth studio album, The Pale Emperor. For those of us who grew up in the shock rocker's heyday, it's sort of insane that he has made it this far. Though his relevance and "shock value" are no longer what they were during the mid-'90s, he's survived and is still making music long after most of us had written him off.

The fact that The Pale Emperor is so great ranks among the most shocking tricks Manson has pulled off yet.

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Sklar Brothers Return to Their Hometown St. Louis For a Show Benefiting Local Food Banks

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Photo via
Randy and Jason Sklar will perform at the Pageant this Saturday.
Saturday night, Randy and Jason Sklar, St. Louis's "prodigal sons who began as one" return for a show at the Pageant to benefit the St. Louis Food Banks (doors at 7 p.m., show at 8 p.m.). To preview the show, RFT Music had a wide-ranging conversation with the comedy duo while they waited for their turkey burgers at a Los Angeles eatery.

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Cold War Kids Aim to Release As Much Music As Humanly Possible

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via Downtown Music
Cold War Kids, performing tonight at the Ready Room.
When Cold War Kids released its debut album Robbers & Cowards in 2006, the California-bred band was met with praise. The record was gritty and bluesy, a deviation from the pop-punk bands that were overrunning California's musical landscape. That deviation was purposeful for guitarist/singer Nathan Willett and his bandmates, who were inspired to make rock music like bands from New York and England -- drawing inspiration from the Velvet Underground and the Smiths -- but with a modern approach.

Because the group broke that tradition of pop, it has been lauded as a band without a genre. Though Cold War Kids eschewed upbeat tempos for the first three albums -- Robbers & Cowards, Loyalty to Loyalty (2008) and Mine Is Yours (2011) -- its members realized that in order to grow musically, they had to take risks. And they had to make a ton of music.

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Rush, Slipknot, Sufjan Stevens and More in This Week's Show Announcements

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Randy Johnson
Rush will perform at Scottrade Center on May 14.

Here again is every newly announced show for the week! On page one you'll find a quick list of shows that particularly caught our attention, followed by embedded YouTube videos of artists you may not be familiar with. Page two contains our complete listing of new shows, so you can do some digging of your own and let us know which ones you are excited about! Click through, and start planning ahead.

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The Provels' Self-Titled New Album Goes Down Easy

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via the Provels' official website
The Provels
In terms of local culinary customs, there is no more clearly demarcated line in the sand than Provel. You can tart up a toasted ravioli or pour a Busch Bavarian into a snifter, but there ain't no dressing up this ballast of St. Louis-Italian cuisine. For locals, the processed cheese-food is quite literally part of their bloodstream; non-natives look at the gooey, too-malleable substance as St. Louis' great unpardonable sin.

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Six Reasons Musicians Don't Deserve To Get Paid

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Alina Sofia / Flickr
All for free and free for all.
You've seen those memes: the ones about how musicians spend thousands of dollars on gear, hours rehearsing and loading/unloading, and drive 40 minutes to just play a show for $100. How noble and brave our poor musicians are, selflessly sacrificing themselves at every turn for a chance to do what they love while constantly griping and whining about every aspect of it. So of course they deserve to get paid -- they're performing a vital service to our lives, just like an ambulance driver.

Although musicians are indeed shafted by entire industries that are built purely around their creative output, truthfully, they don't deserve to get paid anything. Now tremble with indignant rage as I explain precisely why.

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Slipknot Is Back...But Who's Buying?

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Photo by Todd Owyoung
Slipknot returns to St. Louis with Lamb of God on August 16. Check out more photos of Slipknot at the 2012 Mayhem Festival here.
Late last year Slipknot rose from the ashes, releasing its first new record since 2008 and its first since losing drummer Joey Jordison and bassist Paul Gray in October. .5: The Gray Chapter has been praised as a return to form for the band, going back to the roots of its more successful sound on the album Iowa back in 2001. Slipknot is in the midst of a European tour with fellow nu-metallers Korn, and just this week the band announced a St. Louis stop at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre.

This renaissance is surprising, to say the least. For the fans, it's welcome and overdue. For the rest of us, it's just raising all kinds of questions. Full disclosure: I always hated Slipknot, growing up in the era where the group was at its peak. But could that change? Could all these years have melted my icy heart?

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Critic Pick Comic: Bruxism 7

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Editor's note: Each week illustrator Curtis Tinsley and writer/clubs editor Joseph Hess team up in comic form to recommend an upcoming show in St. Louis. Follow Curtis and Joseph on Twitter at @curtistinsley and @JosephSHess, respectively.

All art by Curtis Tinsley, words by Joseph Hess.

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St. Charles Man Creates New Instrument, the AutoBass

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Screenshot from the video by Nicola Muscroft.
The AutoBass.
A St. Charles-based man named Dave Senfton, with a little free time and a lot of technical know-how, has created a new musical instrument: the AutoBass. Senfton -- who holds degrees in physics, math and electronics -- tells a tale as old as time, one wherein necessity gives birth to invention.

"Electronics has been my life, basically," he explains. "I've done a lot of product development in various fields, and this was an opportunity to use those skills, because we're in a small gospel quartet -- country gospel -- and we needed a bass."

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