The Oh Hellos Continue to Build a Strong St. Louis Following: Review

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Johnny Fugitt

Artists elevate words, tones and energy to create experiences. Friday night at the Old Rock House, the Oh Hellos did just that by emptying the space of distraction before filling it with their sound and message.

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The 10 Best Concerts in St. Louis This Weekend: July 31 to August 2

Photo by Mili Pinski
Shark Dad celebrates the release of its first studio effort A Bigger Boat this Friday at the Heavy Anchor.

St. Louis is in full bloom. With four release shows via Shark Dad, Black Fast, Trancers and the Fuck Off and Dies, the floodgates are officially open. Clear your ears for a full punk blowout all weekend long at 2720: Acid Kat Fest III has 50 bands across two days, spanning the space between garage rock, hip-hop and experimental music. If you're going for a low-key affair, don't even bother looking here.

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Omaha's See Through Dresses: Expect a "Very Engaging and Energetic" Show at the Firebird

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Press photo courtesy of the band.
See Through Dresses
The closest thing to a real-life character from The Adventures of Pete and Pete may be See Through Dresses' Mathew Carroll.

Much like the Nickelodeon show that featured musicians as characters with kid-centric jobs, Carroll -- when not touring with his band -- finds himself behind the counter of Ted and Wally's Ice Cream in Omaha's Old Market District.

"I went to college and basically wasn't a musician for like two to three years, during which I was fairly miserable," Carroll says of his time at Creighton University. "Not because of the education,which I loved, but because of the omission of music from my life. I started playing in a couple different bands and suddenly realized, 'Oh yeah! I like this more than anything.' Now I work at an ice cream shop and play music all the time."

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Sun Bros' Biting Vines and Hess/Cunningham Duo's Presser: Review and Stream

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It's in the interest of full disclosure that we begin by noting that Joseph Hess is a regular contributor to the Riverfront Times and a valuable voice in covering the local noise and experimental scenes. But Hess' work at this publication is probably the least interesting thing about him.

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Austin Nitsua Unites St. Louis' "Freaks and Weirdos" for Acid Kat Fest III

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Maddie Rehayem
Austin Nitsua (center), Acid Kat founder, performing with Animal Teeth.
When Austin Nitsua was a kid, he would lie under the covers on Monday nights with his radio tuned to KDHX (88.1 FM), listening to Jason Rerun's now-bygone Scene of the Crime radio show. As a middle school student growing up in the suburbs, Nitsua had a hard time making it to the city for shows, but through Rerun he learned about classic St. Louis punk bands including the Welders and Max Load. Scene of the Crime was his window into another world.

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The Ike Reilly Assassination Rocked Kids and Parents Alike at Off Broadway: Review, Photos and Setlist

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Jeremy Essig
Logan Hanner, proving that the kids are alright.
Fear not, St. Louis. The seeds of future rock & rollers have been sewn.

While the crowd of seventy or so who came to see the Ike Reilly Assassination on Monday night at Off Broadway may have seemed paltry -- shockingly less than deserved for one of the few bands that still embodies the attitude and songcraft that harkens back to the dirty soul of rock & roll -- at least ten of those in attendance were still years away from getting their drivers licenses. At least there were a few parents in the crowd who felt that legacy should be passed on.

Phil Puricelli, who first saw Reilly in Chicago years ago, brought his thirteen-year-old sons Aiden and Danny to the show.

"I've been playing his songs to them for years," the elder Puricelli said before Reilly took the stage. "If he plays 'Put a Little Love In It,' they can sing along."

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Newly Announced: Clutch, Gene Ween, Joey Bada$$, Kid Rock, Red Fang and More

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Dan Winters
Clutch will perform at Pop's Nightclub on Friday, October 16.
Here, again, is every newly announced show for the week! On page one you'll find a quick list of shows that particularly caught our attention.

Page two contains our complete listing of new shows, so you can do some digging of your own and let us know which ones you are excited about. Click through, and start planning ahead.

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Posture Brings A Bright Mess To South City

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Photo by Jessee Rose Crane
Posture opens for L.A. noise legends Sissy Spacek tonight at the William A Kerr Foundation.

The science behind nostalgia is still hazy at best, but the term "good ol' days" exists for a reason. One thing is for certain: When we feel nostalgic, the past comes flowing back with the negatives washed out. South city trio Posture moves within the current, working to re-cut its old sound between semesters -- a seasonal worker of experimental indie-rock.

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An Under Cover Weekend Expands to Three Nights for Its Ninth Year

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Angela Vincent
Blackwater '64 Performing at An Undercover Weekend as the Foo Fighters.
Katy Goldstein of Dots Not Feathers stands in front of a jam-packed crowd at the Firebird, wearing sequined gloves and a red leather jacket. One of her bandmates, Ryan Myers, has put down his guitar and is now carrying a small brown book. He's outfitted in a red and white marching-band outfit, and he hardly glances down as he recites the spoken interlude to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

"And though you fight to stay alive/your body starts to shiver/for no mere mortal can resist/the evil of the thriller."

The year is 2012, but it may as well be 1983.

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The Best Concerts in St. Louis This Week, July 27 to August 2

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Photo by Kenny Williamson | RKNPHOTO
Black Fast is set to release their first record since signing with eOne Music back in November. Read more about that here.

St. Louis sits on a solid foundation of rock & roll (nevermind that pesky New Madrid Fault Line) and this week proves yet again that if you're bored in this city, you're boring. From the sneering voice of Chain and the Gang to bumming in the barroom with American Aquarium, the Mississippi river is flush with guitars. Maybe that's what those flood warnings were about?

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