Travis Bursik Slows Down Time With His New Album Slow Milk

Courtesy of Travis Bursik

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"Some people don't see the appeal of drone, and it's true it's not always compelling listening. Still, it affects you. Think about the sound inside a pressurized airplane cabin, or the way things sound underwater and you'll know what I'm getting at," says local artist Travis Bursik. Armed with a guitar and a few components used to layer sound, Bursik molds music that might be best heard in tandem with meditation. And he has no illusions about this style of performance.

"Part of the idea is that people don't have to pay attention. You know that moment when you catch yourself in a kind of reverie, just staring off unfocused into the distance, oblivious to your surroundings? That's the goal. I want the audience to pull inward during the performances, to have a chance to be alone with their thoughts, whatever they may be," Bursik says.

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3rd Bass Rapper MC Serch Almost Moved to St. Louis on an Italian Opera Scholarship

Categories: WTF

Press photo
MC Serch
This year marks 25 years since The Cactus Album, the debut release by legendary New York hip-hoppers 3rd Bass. Released on Def Jam, backed by Russell Simmons' Rush Management and produced in part by the Bomb Squad (best known for its work with Public Enemy and Ice Cube), The Cactus Album boasted impressive hip-hop credentials. Not bad when you consider that MC Serch and Pete Nice were the first white rappers, other than the Beastie Boys, to earn such credibility in the hip-hop scene.

None of it would have happened, however, had Serch taken the voice scholarship that the St. Louis School of Music offered him after high school.

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10 Best Concerts in St. Louis This Weekend: August 1 to 3

Press Photo
Tori Amos - Friday, August 1 @ Peabody Opera House.
This weekend, check out an art opening or beat battle at Blank Space, catch a free local show at the Schlafly Tap Room, celebrate Lemp Arts Center's 20th anniversary with a special avant-garde performance, or catch a number of other great shows happening around town. Read on for our top concert picks and recommendations.

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Open Highway Music Festival Expands to Five Days, Features Former R.E.M. Members

Categories: Live and Local

Jon Gitchoff
Cory Chisel will kick off this year's Open Highway Music Festival on August 5 at Off Broadway.

Last August, Off Broadway concert promoter John Henry told RFT Music that he wasn't sure how big the hugely successful Open Highway Festival ultimately would become, but he shared that he and club owner Steve Pohlman wanted to continue to surprise concertgoers with a variety of musical genres and perhaps even lengthen the event's duration.

This year, Henry and Pohlman are making good on those promises.

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Cannibal Corpse Singer Crowned Hot Dog Eating Champion

Categories: LOLZ

Nate "Igor" Smith
George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, Oscar Mayer Winner.
Cannibal Corpse frontman George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher put on an impressive showing at the Gathering of the Juggalos Hot Dog Eating Challenge this past weekend, taking home top honors with a staggering score of 112 -- beating record-holder Joey Chestnut's top score of 69 by 43 full wieners.

See also: Cannibal Corpse Performing In Broad Daylight: Photos

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St. Louis Symphony Announces Ten New Live at Powell Hall Concerts

Categories: This Just In

Mabel Suen
The STL Symphony's popular take on the music of Final Fantasy returns in May.
The St. Louis Symphony has just added ten new concerts to its 2014-2015 Live at Powell Hall concert series. Highlights include a Valentine's Day tribute to the music of Journey, a turn alongside Beatles tribute act Classical Mystery Tour and a second go-around with the music of Final Fantasy, following 2012's highly successful debut.

Tickets go on sale Monday, August 11. You can purchase them via phone (314-534-1700), in person at the Powell Hall Box Office at 718 North Grand Boulevard or by visiting the St. Louis Symphony's website.

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Cannibal Corpse Performing In Broad Daylight: Photos

Categories: LOLZ

Nate "Igor" Smith

Extreme death metal band Cannibal Corpse typically moves in the darkness, spreading evil with songs such as "Dismembered and Molested," "I Cum Blood" and of course, "Entrails Ripped From a Virgin's Cunt." The band prides itself on its extremely violent approach to its subject matter, arguing that its music is simply an over-the-top form of artistic entertainment.

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Weird Al Is the Only Part of Your Childhood That Doesn't Suck

Categories: Fiesta!

RCA - Weird Al press
Would you buy a worldview from this man?
If you are in my advertising demographic -- 18 to 34 -- the pop culture you loved as a child is terrible. The Power Rangers were terrible, the Transformers were terrible, the Ninja Turtles were terrible. Michael Bay didn't ruin any of it; it came pre-ruined. I loved all of it (I love the memory of it now) and it is really bad, inasmuch as it is impossible to enjoy when you don't have a trip with your parents to Toys R Us lined up, or when you're the one with the credit card.

This doesn't really matter, obviously, because in animated-GIF-sized bursts all of those terrible shows have made BuzzFeed and its readers very happy -- it's not about the Power Rangers so much as it is being reminded you're a '90s Kid. Watching one all the way through is a bad idea, but as an excuse to talk to a friend you don't get to see very often they're fine.

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The Ongoing Explosion of Crossover Thrash Band Power Trip

Press photo
By Nick Lucchesi

"Whiskey and yummy snacks."

Thus ends the rider for Dallas hardcore/thrash band Power Trip, whose recent ascent hasn't left a lot of time for fleshing out a list of things the band would like in its greenroom.

"I wrote, verbatim, 'a bottle of whiskey and yummy snacks; various, assorted yummy snacks,'" says frontman Riley Gale by phone from his duplex in Old East Dallas. "This rider business is new to me."

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LouFest Tickets Are Hidden All Around St. Louis

Categories: LouFest

Steve Truesdell
Have you purchased tickets to LouFest yet? Or have you decided they are too expensive -- even though you'd love to see the likes of OutKast and Cake? If only you could just stumble across some free ones somehow...

Well, you're in luck, thrifty procrastinators.

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