Ryan Adams Adds Fall Tour Dates, St. Louis In October

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Press photo via Adams' official website.
Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams has announced a fall tour, which will be making a stop at the Peabody Opera House on October 19. Tickets are $35 to $45 and officially go on sale this Friday, 7/25 at 10 a.m., but you can order them a day in advance by using the password "gimme," according to a post on Adams' Facebook page.

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Taylor Swift Is a Cyborg

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Image of Taylor Swift inside the Matrix courtesy of Big Machine Records
I've always thought something was off about Taylor Swift. Her immaculate, porcelain skin, picture-perfect golden bangs -- and, certainly, her singing voice. Previously, I attributed these things to digital-image doctoring or recording software magic. More recently, I have become suspicious of the 24-year-old pop-country darling. Something about Swift's perfection almost seems a little too...well, perfect.

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Weezer's "Burning Sun" Finally Leaked After Fourteen Years

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Monica McGivern
Weezer is the official band of AOL Instant Messenger. The years between 1996 and 2001, in which the group went from well-reviewed one-hit-wonder to (briefly) unimpeachable generational touchstone, were peak-Buddy-List; in 2002 the band demoed a song called "Private Message," which is exactly what it sounds like. At some point every word in the Blue Album and Pinkerton liner notes was used in an angst-ridden away message.

Even Rivers Cuomo spent an inordinate amount of time chatting with people on AIM -- which is exactly how a long-lost Weezer song fans have been waiting for for fourteen years leaked a little more than a week ago.

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The Feed To Release Debut LP Outsider This Saturday

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Press photo via Facebook
There are probably more than a few fans of the Feed that had given up on the prospect of an actual full-length album. Short of a seven-song EP from 2006 with an earlier lineup and a track on 2012's Tower Groove Records comp, the band's recorded output has been nil, despite steady gigs and no shortage of original material. So the long lead-up to Outsider belies the making of the record itself; recorded over just a few days in Jason McEntire's Sawhorse Studio, the album sees the quartet ripping through material in an overdriven flurry of vintage keyboards and locked-in grooves. The self-imposed timeline produced a taut, lean album with little fat but lots to chew on.

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5 Unexpected Acts Playing This Year's Gathering of the Juggalos

Youtube sceenshot.
It's the most magical, miraculous time of the year, as this week the good people wicked clowns at Psychopathic Records bring us this year's Gathering of the Juggalos. No longer at Cave In Rock, Illinois, this year's festivities will take place at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio, or as the 2014 commercial installment would have you believe, "Heaven." RFT Music will be there -- look for that coverage later this week.

In the meantime, here are the biggest head-scratchers in the event's lineup.

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The Red Rockers of the Sammy Hagar Show

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Jon Gitchoff
St. Louis proved its love once again for the Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, by wearing red and flocking to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater for the local stop of his 2014 tour on July 19, 2014. Meet some of our favorite die-hard Sammy fans and... wait... is that the Red Rocker, himself?

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The Best Concerts in St. Louis From July 21 to 27

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Piper Ferguson
Pigeon John - Saturday, July 26 @ the Gramophone.
This week, our critics' picks include a varied pool of performers across genres including Boz Scaggs, 7 Seconds, Pigeon John and Peter J. Woods. Take your pick from punk and hip-hop to blues and noise. As always, stayed tuned until Friday for even more recommendations over the weekend.

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Yeehaw! Missouri Ranks As No. 3 State Where Life Is Like a Country Song

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Save a horse, ride a cowboy. Or, you know, just hop into your pickup truck.

Are we really living out country songs here in Missouri? Hound dogs, pickup trucks, moonshine and the works, to the extent of being the third-most country-fried state in the nation? Armed with tons of data, national real estate site Estately challenges that it's possible. Oh, joy.

We've been burned in the past with weird data factories claiming to have the pulse of the country. Anyone remember when the Echo Nest swore that the most popular band in Missouri was the Shins? Yeah, that was kind of crazy. (We think our very scientific discovery about the least popular bands in the states was way better.)

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Nelly, Tef Poe, Nick Menn and JGE Retro Featured in Budweiser "Made in America" Video

Screenshot from the video.
Tef shows an interviewer around Vintage Vinyl.
Budweiser and Vice Noisey have teamed up to create the "Made in America" series, a project that sees Budweiser/Vice travelling all across the country and showcasing homegrown talents in the cities throughout. The entire affair is a run-up to Jay-Z's big Made in America Festival, slated for August 30 in LA and Philadelphia.

See also: Budweiser's "Made in America" Concert at the Pageant Was Kinda Epic

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DJ MAKossa Turns Up the Funk With Two Years of the Bump & Hustle This Saturday

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Welcome to Hey DJ, a series that delves into the St. Louis DJing scene. Get to know some local music lovers and their quirks as they fill out our short answer questionnaire, and find out where to catch them around town.

Abby Gillardi
DJ MAKossa
When asked about the origin of his music moniker, performer Rory Flynn, a.k.a. DJ MAKossa, explains that makossa is a style of urban music made popular in Cameroon. In its native language, it simply translates to "dance."

"I found it to be a good name because it really has fused with a lot of different styles of music outside of Africa, such as reggae and funk," says Flynn. "To me, it kind of represents a diverse style of Afrocentrism."

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