Local Band of the Week: The Trip Daddys

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(I never said they had to be new bands, did I?)

Name: The Trip Daddys
MySpace: myspace.com/thetripdaddys
Members: Craig Straubinger (guitars/vocals), Jamey Almond (bass/vocals),
Dennis Williams (drummer)
Sounds like: As anyone who attended the band's righteous CD release show for Too Much, Too Fast, last night can attest -- such as this commenter here -- the group is the bar band you want playing on a no-holds-barred weekend night. The part of the set I saw was raucous and raw, and inspired unrestrained dancing, rampant drinking and joyful carousing -- exactly what music should do. Playing its first show in months, the band didn't sound rusty; it sounded ecstatically happy to be back onstage, channeling all of that pent-up energy into a solid gig.
References: KSHE classic rock, rockabilly hepcats, old-school punks
Next show: July 14, Way Out Club

"By the Heart":

-- Annie Zaleski

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