Off Broadway: Non-Smoking as of September 1

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Off Broadway added a little note to its Web site as of today announcing that it's going non-smoking starting September 1:

In celebration of Uzbekistan's 16th year of independence from the USSR, Off Broadway is pleased to announced that starting the first of September, smoking at the bar will no longer be permitted! Please contain all smoke and smoke related paraphernelia to the designated fumar area. Thank you for your compliance.

Kudos and mad props to them. It's about time a venue besides the Lucas School House did this. While I'm no saint and have been known to have a few cigarettes in my life, going to shows is so much more pleasant when your hair/clothes/purse, etc. don't reek of smoke when you get home, and you don't develop a headache/eye-irritation because of the smell. I lived in Boston when smoking was banned in clubs there, and trust me -- you get used to it very fast, and it's not that big of a deal at all. Now if only the rest of the clubs in town would make the same move...

-- Annie Zaleski

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