La Otracina, The Phantom Family Halo at aPop Records, Sunday, January 20

Message from aPop Records, who has a show tomorrow night at 8 p.m.:

La Otracina
Brooklyn psych/free-form. Most recent cd is on the reputable Holy Mountain imprint, a label whose roster includes Blues Control, Ainotamenishis, Om, Six Organs of Admittance, Wooden Shjips, Lichens, Mammatus, Daniel Higgs and other fried expansive sounds from the way-out and way-hip.


The Phantom Family Halo
Louisville, KY. features members of past indie heavy hitters Slint and The For Carnation. More hard rockin' than La Otracina. While LO will make your brain swell and float, TPFH will burst the skull.

Also on the bill is St. Louis' own Catholic Guilt.

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