The New Bloods, Cex, Ecstatic Sunshine, All at Lemp Today and Tomorrow

I neglected to mention that tonight at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center are the New Bloods, a Kill Rock Stars band from Portland that's reminiscent of all the best skronky grrl-punk.Go see 'em.

Also, tomorrow night, did you know that electro-weirdo Cex and Ecstatic Sunshine (who I believe was supposed to open for Dan Deacon last fall) are playing there? I didn't, until I saw it on Music Sucks, even though I read the Lemp Web site all the time. Anyway, if you're up for some off-kilter synthpunk insanity on a Monday, go check that show out.

(Also, I am so old that I saw Cex open up for Death Cab for Cutie and the Dismemberment Plan in the year 2000.)

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