2008 RFT Music Showcase Schedule for Sunday, June 1

Without further ado, here is the schedule for the June 1 Music Showcase in the Loop! This post will be at the top of the blog until June 1; new posts will be under this.


Main Stage – Outside Vintage Vinyl
2 p.m. Jon Hardy & the Public
3 p.m. Gentleman Auction House
4 p.m. So Many Dynamos
5 p.m. Vandalyzm
6 p.m. Victoria

Market in the Loop
2 p.m. Rum Drum Ramblers
3 p.m. The 75s
4 p.m. Wooden Kites
5 p.m. The Monads

6 p.m. Say Panther
7 p.m. Target Market
8 p.m. Jumbling Towers
9 p.m. The Bureau
10 p.m. The Hibernauts

Duck Room
1 p.m. The Livers
2 p.m. Heroes of the Kingdom
3 p.m. Shame Club
4 p.m. The Feed

Elvis Room
6 p.m. Midwest Avengers
7 p.m. Family Affair
8 p.m. Rockwell
9 p.m. Gotta Be Karim
10 p.m. Nite Owl
11 p.m. Earthworms

8 p.m. Commoners
9 p.m. Lamar Harris
10 p.m. Dub Kitchen
11 p.m. Dave Stone Trio

7 p.m. Wormwood Scrubs
8 p.m. Magnolia Summer
9 p.m. Grace Basement
10 p.m. Bad Folk
11 p.m. The Incurables

Delmar Lounge
8 p.m. Tom Hall
9 p.m. Sex Robots
10 p.m. Museum Mutters
11 p.m. Quief Quota
12 a.m. Bunnygrunt
1 a.m. Dogtown Allstars

Pin-Up Bowl
7 p.m. Needles
8 p.m. DJ Karizma
9 p.m. Flex Boogie
10 p.m. Crucial
11 p.m. Trackstar
12 a.m. Rob Gray

7 p.m. Cardiac Arrest
8 p.m. Humanoids
9 p.m. Blind Eyes
10 p.m. Left Arm
11 p.m. Trip Daddys
12 a.m. 7 Shot Screamers

Vintage Vinyl
6 p.m. Nerve Parade
7 p.m. Ded Bugs
8 p.m. .e
9 p.m. Theodore


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