Prisonshake Releases Dirty Moons Today, August 26!

Fifteen years in the making, Prisonshake releases Dirty Moons today! You can find the CD at your local record store and of course online at Scat Records' website HERE. The band will be celebrating its release (kinda) with a show at the Bluebird on Friday, September 26.

Here's an MP3 from the album:
MP3: Prisonshake, "Crush Me"

And for good measure...

Here's a song from its 1993 album, The Roaring Third.

MP3: Prisonshake, "2 Sisters"

And an extra bonus -- "It's a Ron Kinda World," which was originally released on the Spoo 7"ep on Estrus, also appears on the Australian edition of I'm Really Fucked Now.

MP3: Prisonshake, "It's a Ron Kinda World"

Prisonshake main man Robert Griffin says he'll be doing some reissues of the pre-1993 stuff next year, although how and in what format is still up in the air. Don't forget, I wrote an article on the band HERE.

-- Annie Zaleski

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