St. Louis Weekend Concert Calendar, September 5-7

Um, there has to be more than this going on. Right?

Friday, September 5
*An Under Cover Weekend: ‘60s, Bluebird
*Cross Canadian Ragweed/Shame Club, Pageant
*Midtown Thieves, Lemmons
*Go-Go's, Lumiere Theatre
*Woodbox Gang, Cicero's

Saturday, September 6
*Indian Jewelry, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
*An Under Cover Weekend: ‘70s, Bluebird
*Trip Daddys, Mangia
*Go-Go's, Lumiere Theatre
*Grace Basement, Bottleworks

Sunday, September 7
*Bellafea, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
*The Shondes/Paper Dolls/Helium Tapes, Off Broadway
*Bill Morrissey, Focal Point
*Go-Go's, Lumiere Theatre

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