MP3 Bonanza For Shows: Ponytail and Pragmatic at the Billiken Club vs. The Life and Times at the Bluebird vs. So Many Dynamos and We vs. the Shark at Cicero's

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Good lord, I'm already tired. Quick reminders about a lot of good shows going on tonight. The Pragmatic and Ponytail are playing at the Billiken Club tonight, while the Life and Times, Jovian Chorus and Echo Bravo are at the Bluebird AND We Vs. the Shark, So Many Dynamos and Pegasuses-XL are at Cicero's. Boss.

I scribbled about the Pragmatic here and here, while we preview the Ponytail show right here. We Vs. the Shark got some love right here, the Life and Times did here (and here -- it's opening for Hum in Chicago!) and so did the Jovian Chorus. Here are some tunez!

MP3: Ponytail, "Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From An Angel)"

MP3: We Vs. the Shark, "Keep It Wolf"

MP3: The Pragmatic, "Circles (Troupe Remix)"

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