Homespun: The Mhurs, The Mhurs

In this week's issue, Christian Schaeffer reviews The Mhurs' self-titled release. He had this to say:

It's still early in the new year, but Belleville's the Mhurs has become a local band to watch in 2009. Its self-titled debut finds the young quartet playing a mélange of what used to be called alternative rock -- on its self-titled debut, inventive guitar playing and a trusty, propulsive rhythm section match bizarre, stream-of-consciousness lyrics. Certain songs, like opening track "Just Like Old Times," have the ballsy swagger of the Stones, while "Persona" rumbles headlong into the fray with the precision and bemused bravado of the Arctic Monkeys.
Read the rest here. Snag some MP3s below. The band's next local date is in February.

MP3: The Mhurs, "Just Like Old Times"

MP3: The Mhurs, "Chemical Sunbeam"

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