Homespun: Upright Animals, Carnivore City

In this week's Homespun, Christian Schaeffer reviews the Upright Animals' Carnivore City. He had this to say:

For its latest EP, the Upright Animals decamped to Blackbird Studio in Nashville, where the disc was recorded and mixed by Vance Powell (who has worked with the Raconteurs, among others). The professional studio space and the band's own deft production has yielded a clean, compact EP that finds the quintet comfortably working within the realm of modern rock while occasionally tinkering with the formula. The musicianship is suitably tight -- guitarists and brothers Jim and Ben Peters spit rhythmic shards and wah-pedal-enhanced solos back and forth, and the rhythm section whips the songs into shape (especially on the title track).

Read the rest of Schaeffer's review here.

Stream new tune "Speed of a Slow Night" below. The Upright Animals are celebrating City's release with a show at Cicero's this Saturday night, along with Dub Kitchen, the Silver Hammer Sessions and Holding Mercury. Nite Owl hosts the show, which starts at 9 p.m. and costs $10 to get in for those over 21, $13 under 21.

Oh, and the band is also apparently opening for the Whigs and Dead Confederate at Fubar on Saturday, March 14.

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