Tomorrow! The Ettes at the Way Out Club + Stream "Crown of Age"

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Folks are all abuzz about the Ettes' show tomorrow night at the Way Out Club. Bunnygrunt is also on the bill. Says Jason Toon in this week's paper:





Lindsay "Coco" Hames of LA-born garage-rock trio the Ettes knows how to get the Nancy Sinatra look -- the eyeliner, the hair, the skirt -- down cold, but these boots are made for singin', too. The vocalist/guitarist brings the same brassy-but-blasé kiss-off style to the best moments of the band's second album, Look at Life Again Soon. Moody, midtempo fuzz-tunes like "You Can't Do That to Me" and "Chilled Hidebound Hearts" beg for repeat plays.

Read the rest at the link, and stream "Crown of Age" below.

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