MP3: Hope and Therapy, "Just Go"

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In this week's paper, I penned a short pick on the new band Hope and Therapy.

Moody and introspective, the trio combines atmospheric jazz and classical touches with sighing piano melodies and rainy-day lyrics. Comparisons to Ben Folds Five, '90s obscurity Suddenly, Tammy! or Fiona Apple (sans smoky pout) are inevitable -- but that's mainly because vocalist/pianist Hope Gaines is an expressive vocalist whose emotion is sincere, not overstated.
Read the rest here. The band will be playing with Paul Staples and the Fire and the Mirror Stage at the Schlalfy Tap Room, Saturday at 9 p.m. Thanks to the band, here is an MP3! Fabulous.

MP3: Hope and Therapy, "Just Go"

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