Homespun: Celia, Transformateurs

In this week's paper, Christian Schaeffer reviewed Celia's album Transformateurs. He had this to say:
...On Transformateurs, which she's releasing under her own name, Celia proves a confident songwriter with an assured, rarely faltering voice. On the disc, her songs are poppy but not lightweight, and the sprightly guitar strokes (compliments of Celia and Melinda Winifred Jane Tentrees) are both effervescent and rooted in dreamy, jazz-chord structures. Celia's songs are a bit carefree and happy-go-lucky, and sometimes the album ("Time Traveler" in particular) feels suited to the lucrative world of children's entertainment. In an amazing snag, Canadian folk hero Bruce Cockburn drops in for two tracks; his smoky backing vocals and lithe, bluesy guitar playing give "Things You'll Miss" an earthy gravitas.
Read the rest of the review here. You can buy her album via this link. And check out a few MP3s below! Her next local show is March 4 at Hartford Coffee Company.

MP3: Celia, "Things You'll Miss"

MP3: Celia, "Time Traveler"

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