Photos: R.I.P. Frederick's Music Lounge

Categories: Snapshots
Fred Friction, "proprietor and figurehead of the late, great Frederick's Music Lounge," as Christian Schaeffer writes in this week's RFT, has been busy in the basement of the Iron Barley in South City.

Schaeffer writes:

"Friction recently began booking shows in the basement space at the restaurant Iron Barley. Dubbed Fred's Six Feet Under, the space currently hosts live music on Friday and Saturday and promises an intimate venue for fans of local talent."

Read more about Friction's new venue and his new collection of music, set for release on Saturday at Off Broadway, in "Stranger than Friction: Beloved Lou music champion Fred Friction discusses his debut solo album and new venue."


We've posted a slide show of Friction's former haunt, to accompany the story about his new digs.

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