Tomorrow! Agnostic Front vs. Morrissey vs. Copeland

Categories: Fiesta!
Tomorrow night is one of those random weeknights in St. Louis where it feels like a weekend, because so many venues have excellent shows. Kids can head to Off Broadway to check out Copeland, This Providence, Paper Route and Brooke Waggoner, while Morrissey is at the Pageant and Agnostic Front returns to the Firebird. Jason Toon compared the last two shows in the paper last week; I suggest checking out that and the accompanying amazing illustration by Dan Zettwoch.

The Morrissey show does have tickets left, but I hear these are going fast, so I suggest not waiting to walk up to the venue to purchase them. If you are shut out, however, Agnostic Front is a worthy substitute.

Agnostic Front, "Gotta Go"

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