Upcoming Local CD Release Shows/Upcoming Albums: A List

As I was perusing concerts recently, I realized just how many local acts were releasing CDs in the coming months. To keep things straight in my head (and to inform people in town what's going on), here's a list of things I've heard/seen. Feel free to add.

*Left Arm, "Electric Babies" 7", May 15, Vintage Vinyl
*Blown Speakers (alterego of Messy Jiverson), Takeover, May 15, Old Rock House
*Trip Daddys, Roll On!, May 16, Way Out Club
*Joe Stickley's Blue Print, Smoke Leaves Town, May 22, Duck Room
*Nevermores, nevereverafter, May 23, Deluxe
*Glass Waves, One Day We'll All Just Float Away, May 30, Lemmons
*Target Market, Up On the Moon, June 2 (in stores; digital available now)
*Dual Boot, June 19, Firebird
*Radical Sons, Throwing Knives EP, June 23 (date the LP is in stores; show before that is June 18 at Cicero's)
*So Many Dynamos, Loud Wars, June 27, Firebird (CD in stores June 9)
*Brothers Lazaroff, Off Broadway, June 27

Other bands with new CDs coming out in the coming months: Leadville, Bunnygrunt, Troubadour Dali

Things released in recent times that have come our way: Firedog

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