Fractured Army, Firebrand Recordings Help Morrissey Celebrate His 50th Birthday

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Morrissey turned 50 last Friday, and to celebrate the milestone, noted MP3 blog The Music Slut curated an online collection of Smiths/Morrissey cover songs called TMS Hearts Moz. The list of contributors reads like a who's-who of future Pitchfork darlings -- the biggest name on there is Pattern is Movement -- but Bridges & Powerlines' cover of Moz's solo hit "Interesting Drug" actually has St. Louis connections.

Kory Kunze, of local cuddly indie-poppers Fractured Army, wrote in to say that he contributed backing vocals and guitar to the track, which B&P recorded at local studio Firebrand Recording (a.k.a. the RFT's Best Studio in 2008) when it was in town after SXSW this year. Check out the track here.

Fractured Army, by the way, has a new EP forthcoming called Bluebird vs. Redbird. Fans of Swedish pop, Belle & Sebastian and new synthpoppers like the Black Kids will dig. Judge for yourself below [MP3 added once I get permission!] and on June 26, when the band opens for the Features at the Firebird.

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