Update on Phonocaptors Reunion Show, Plus Free MP3s!

All right, finally received an update/clarification on last week's announcement of that Phonocaptors reunion. Here's a press release -- and some bonus MP3s! Photo by Dana Smith, a.k.a. asbestossister. Original found here, used with permission.

Dana Smith/asbestossister.com

On Friday, June 5, The Phonocaptors, one of St. Louis most exciting rock bands of the last 15-years, reunites for its first show since April, 2004. The group's final lineup - guitarist/vocalist Jason Hutto, drummer Scott "Scooter" Hermes and bassist Keith Voegle - will play Maplewood's newest live music venue, Deluxe, with support from the Sex Robots.

During two stints as one of St. Louis most ferocious live acts, the Phonocaptors released three albums: a self-titled debut, Futura Phono and Call it What You Want, the last on St. Louis Pro-Vel Records. In addition, the band appeared on several local compilations and shared the stage with all of the key rock bands calling St. Louis home during the late1990s and early 2000s.
Renowned for energetic live sets, the Phonocaptors' straight-ahead rock show was a hit throughout the Midwest, and the group plans on playing limited dates around the region after this get-together. Since the dissolution of the group, each of the members stayed active in music. Voegle joined the nationally-touring Bottle Rockets. Hermes manned the kit for local faves Tight Pants Syndrome. And Hutto appeared with Walkie Talkie USA, the Incurables, Sexicolor and Bunnygrunt.
MP3: Phonocaptors, "Devil"

MP3: Phonocaptors, "Crazy On You"

MP3: Phonocaptors, "Detroit Riot"

MP3: Phonocaptors, "Kiss My Lips"

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