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Humanoids' Ryan Zimmerman, left, and Greg Stinson, right, in the midst of a creative difference.
Who: The Humanoids
Sound: Melodic punk
Studio: Firebrand Recording
Recording With: Brian Scheffer
When Recording: June 19, 2009 to July 18, 2009.
Release Date? TBA
About the new music: For one, the Humanoids have moved beyond the guitar-drums-bass-vocals set-up for at least one song, incorporating a harmonica and tambourine on one track. The band is recording for an eleven or twelve-song album, totaling about 25 minutes. Guitarist Greg Stinson said he hopes it eventually is released on LP with a CD included.

"Before we got in (to Firebrand), I seriously had the thought that this was gonna be a disaster. About a day into it, though, it kept getting better and better," Stinson says. "At this point we are finishing up vocals. We will proabably resume with mixing/mastering after we get back from the east coast. We have no idea as to how this is gonna be released. And no, that is not a pun."
The group embarks on its second tour on July 25. We caught up with the Humanoids in the midst of an all-day studio session (the group was recording vocals at Firebrand). They took a break to ham it up for the cameras.

Bryan Clarkson of the Humanoids points at a recording to-do list.
Some members of the Humanoids and a guest.
Zimmerman playing the best guitar, and the worst amplifier, available for artist use at Firebrand Recordings.
Vocalist Tim Clarkson
Bryan Clarkson playing the harmonica he uses on the album. Recording engineer Brian Scheffer is in the background.

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