Living Things to Play the Ramones in Forthcoming Runaways Movie

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Here's a press release that just came my way: Living Things -- the local scuzz-garage-psych-blues-rock band everyone in town loves to hate -- is playing the Ramones in the forthcoming biopic about legendary girl-group The Runaways. Says the email:

In the scene, which is shooting this month, the Ramones are playing at Rodney Bingenheimer's notorious English Disco nightclub in Los Angeles circa 1975. Living Things have already recorded a cover of "We're A Happy Family" for the scene....

"I love Joey Ramone," said Berlin. "He is like the Elvis of punk. It's a mystical, exotic vacation to step into his shoes for a moment."
The Runaways were a teen-girl band of the '70s whose influence reverberates to this day. Its members included Joan Jett, Cherie Currie and Lita Ford. Jett, incidentally, is being played by Kristen Stewart (Twilight) and Dakota Fanning stars as Currie.

By the way, the press release also makes no secret of the following fact, but you gotta think that Living Things is going to receive endless amounts of shit for it anyway -- even if its performance is the best thing ever.

In addition to having a useful resemblance in attitude to the punk progenitors, the band has a direct line into the production - singer Lillian Berlin is the husband of the film's writer and director Floria Sigismondi.
Vintage Ramones clip after the jump.

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