St. Louis Weekend Concert Calendar: Friday, July 31 to Monday, August 3

Friday, July 31
*Fear/Agent Orange/DI/Total Chaos/Bloodhook, Fubar
*Ratattack/The Livers/Black for a Second/Target Market, Firebird
*Guster/Joe Stickley's Blue Print, Live on the Levee
*Leslie and the Lys, Mad Art (7-9 p.m.)
*Arc Angels/Soul Cowboys, The Pageant
*Fattback/Old Lights/Monads, Off Broadway
*Dot Wave/Wyoming Street/Dear Vincent, Duck Room
*Jimmy Kennedy and the Wrecking Ball/Brett Daniels/Models Need Sleep, Cicero's
*Big Smith/Cropdusters, Gramophone
*The New Translation, more, Pop's
*Sohns/ Reptilian/ Robot Cuisine/ Eric Hall, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

Saturday, August 1
*Lupe Fiasco/Black Spade, Live on the Levee
*Venice Is Sinking/Humdrum/Beth Bombara/Daydream Astronauts, Lemmons
*CKY/ASG/Graveyard, Pop's
*Science Hill/The Matter et al, Firebird
*The Safes/Left Arm, Deluxe
*3JC/Sleepwell Sweetheart/For the Colony, Cicero's
*Anne Harris, Lafayette Square
*Back to School party with Fresh Heir, DJ Mahf, more, Off Broadway
*Doby Watson/ Matt Dill/ Cameron Matthews/ Jordan Knecht/ Curtis Tinsley, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

Sunday, August 2
*Rock the River, featuring Skillet, Red, Flyleaf, more, Arch Grounds
*The Northwoods/The Sham/Blaise B/Rick Money/You Need New Glasses, Cicero's
*Unit 6/Scene of Irony, Firebird
*Guitar Shorty/Bottoms Up Blues Gang, Off Broadway
*The Shitty Limits et al, Google it
*GHOST TO FALCO (full band)/ Dot Wave!/ Fragile Farm, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

Monday, August 3
*Warped Tour, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
*Everything Now!/Casper and the Cookies/bunnygrunt/Quief Quota, Firebird
*Canyons/ Regret, the Informer / Realicide/ Robot Cuisine, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

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