In the Studio: James Weber

(Welcome to In the Studio, a section on A to Z that spotlights -- what else? -- local artists in the studio. If you are also recording/recently recorded -- or are a studio engineer/producer and working with people -- email me, with the phrase "In the Studio" in the subject heading.)

This week we spotlight James Weber, who shared the following about a recent recording experience in his own words. Weber's leaving the Lou for a bit, and his farewell show is next Monday night, August 10, at CBGBs.

courtesy of James Weber

What studio: Eric Hall's Apartment (for today, "Blocks That Melt Recording"), South St. Louis, MO
With whom: Sound WIZZRD and Sound GOURMAND Eric Hall
When: July 30th @ 5:11 p.m. and thereabouts.
Sounds Like: My brain-belly uncomfortably swelled with oodles of new tunes, I thought I'd knife out 4 or 5 and track 'em quick like, acoustic, one-take, and let Eric Hall slather his sound-goops on top or underneath or sideways before I skipped out of town for a bit. My work was finished in about as much time as it took to play each tune. Now begins his meticulous cuttin', scrapin', pastin' and bastin' of the bits and bytes. It'll be done when it's done. Here's a clip of an as-yet un-enhanced track, "Easy, Easy." Praise be to Sparks, Jellybean the Barkin' Tape Op, 10-string guitars and a month of eerie STL in July balm. Yes, I am about to wretch in the photo provided.

MP3: James Weber, "Easy Easy"

Eric starts the rhythm section.jpg
courtesy of James Weber

jellybean the tape op.jpg
courtesy of James Weber
Jellybean, the world's cutest tape op.

life saving memory joggers.jpg
courtesy of James Weber

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