NSFW MP3: Revolting Cocks, "I'm Not Gay (Blownload Prison Remix)"

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Sunday, October 4, is looking to be quite the day for music in St. Louis, what with Farm Aid at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Miley Cyrus at the Scottrade Center, Moneen at Cicero's and Jim Rose and the Revolting Cocks at the Firebird.

The latter event is pretty insane; Ministry side project RevCo doesn't tour much, and neither does Jim Rose. (I highly recommend reading this RevCo tour diary from about twenty years ago penned by my pal Jason. Seriously. You won't regret it -- it involves Trent Reznor jumping on the tour for kicks and lots of insane debauchery.) 
Ministry main guy Al Jourgensen isn't part of RevCo on this go-round, but here's the lineup: singer Josh Bradford, guitarist Sin Quirin, and keyboardist / electronic specialist Clayton Worbeck, drummer Aaron Rossi (Ministry, Prong, John5) and bassist Murv Douglas (Opus Dai, Weapons X, Powerman 5000).

For good measure, RevCo is releasing a remix album on September 29,called Sex-O MiXXX-O. The collection features a tune remixed by Doug Firley of Gravity Kills, as well as tunes re-done by Chris Vrenna, Skinny Puppy's Dave "Rave" Olgilvie and Combichrist's Andy LaPlegua. Snag a new tune here: 

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