Terrifyingly Badass Video from MO Highway Law Enforcers, Special Glenn Frey Edition

Categories: Fiesta!, LOLZ
They're comin' for ya
Hey two-bit scoundrels: think you can horse around on Missouri highways this summer and get away with it? 

Think again. THE HEAT IS ON!!!!

(Click here to be terrified. Or just watch below.)

State, county and local governments are currently instituting a 70-day crackdown on drunken highway driving. Here are the deets.

But I think this video will tell you everything you need to know.

(Like, I don't know, maybe a bit more information on - let's say - that frosty little can of WHOOP-ASS that John Q. Law will crack open on your face if you cross him.) Glenn Frey, what do you think? 

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