Photos: Uncle Monk at Off Broadway, Wednesday, October 28

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Last night, Uncle Monk -- the bluegrass project featuring Ramones drummer Tommy Ramone -- performed at Off Broadway. Nick Schnelle was there and took a bunch of photos. See a few below; view the entire slideshow here!

Photo: Nick Schnelle
Uncle Monk's Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan pose for a photo before going on stage. View more photos from last night.

Photo: Nick Schnelle
Before the song Tommy says,"We're gonna be doing a lot of tuning tonight. We tune because we care." View more photos from last night.
Photo: Nick Schnelle
Before playing Mean To Me Tommy says, "Now we're gonna do a bluegrass doo-wop ballad and it's dedicated to all the people who were mean to me." View more photos from last night.
Photo: Nick Schnelle
Uncle Monk plays a song Tommy wrote with the Ramones called "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend," written in 1976 by the band. View more photos from last night.

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