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courtesy of Hope and Therapy

(Welcome to In the Studio, a section on A to Z that spotlights -- what else? -- local artists in the studio. If you are also recording/recently recorded -- or are a studio engineer/producer and working with people -- email me, with the phrase "In the Studio" in the subject heading.)

Where: Red Pill
With Whom: J. Christopher Hughes
When: Tracked October 16 to 18. Currently being mixed by JCH at his Post Historic Studio in Milwaukee.
What: The band's debut album.

When due out? Early 2010. Look for sneak peaks on around Christmas.
Sounds Like... According to the producer: "Sonically: dark, deep, ambient, vibey, organic. Musically: A sultry voice over organic piano and keyboards with a solid, driving, jazz meets rock rhythm section holding it all together. Haunting sounds made by real humans."

courtesy of Hope and Therapy

courtesy of Hope and Therapy

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