Tonight! El Perro del Mar. Tomorrow's MP3 Bonanza! RJD2, Into the Light Carol Anne

El Perro del Mar
Where: The Gargoyle
Playing With: Peter Bjorn and John
Sounds Like: "The 2009 release Love Is Not Pop furthers Sarah Assbring's deconstruction of pop and indie-folk forms -- the melodies linger, the grooves float, the themes sigh -- but a sonic laboratory of dubby delay and electronic glimmer and glitch catalyzes her songs. Mood pieces such as "Let Me In" and "It Is Something (to Have Wept)" -- the latter featuring a lyrical assist from writer G.K. Chesterton -- languidly unfold and gather malevolent momentum, like a carefree club hop devolving into icy, down-tempo, noir remixes." (link) -- Roy Kasten
RIYL: Lykke Li, Ladyhawke, Dragonette
Video for "Change of Heart"

Where: The Gargoyle
Playing With: The Paxtons, Illphonics
Sounds Like: Pastiche (mostly instrumental) hip-hop with smart references to new-wave, electro and rock.
RIYL: DJ Shadow, Atmosphere
MP3: RJD2, "Iced Lightning"

Into the Light Carol Anne
Where: Lemmons
Sounds Like: Lumbering slabs of post-rock/experimental sounds. Featuring ex-Lou residents David Rogers (a.k.a. 1112467, a.k.a. the former bassist of Pat Sajak Assassins) and David Becan (a.k.a. 1125533), who met while working at the Hi-Pointe Theatre. Also named one of the Onion's "worst band names of 2007."
RIYL: The Residents, Explosions in the Sky
MP3: Into the Light Carol Anne, "Velorum"

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