It's the Local St. Louis Music Year-End MP3 Mixtape!

In this week's paper, Christian Schaeffer chose the top ten local releases of the year. Congrats to all who were chosen! Below, download a mix featuring all ten artists/bands chosen.

2009 Local Music Year-End Mix (zipped file)

MP3: The Blind Eyes, "January" (story link)
MP3: Celia, "Things You'll Miss" (story link; review link)
MP3: Fattback, "Hey Pretty Lady (Take a Look at My Legs)" (review link)
MP3: Grace Basement, "Tilly Lingers" (review link)
MP3: The Helium Tapes, "Give You Chase" (review link)
MP3: Old Lights, "Losing My Mind" (feature link)
MP3: PhaseOne, "Hot Mess (Metal Dub)" (review link)
MP3: Pretty Little Empire, "Good Morning Early Riser" (review link)
MP3: Sheila Shahpari, "Stale" (review link)
MP3: So Many Dynamos, "Artifacts of Sound" (Daytrotter session blogpost)

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