In This Week's Music Section of the Riverfront Times, Read About...

Besides writing for this here blog, I also wrangle copy for the dead-tree edition of the RFT. (We affectionately call it the print blog.) Each week, our freelancers scribble up text on shows that A to Z doesn't always preview or review. Such as the following:

*The Fat Possum Big Legal Mess Caravan Tour, Off Broadway, December 3
*The Swell Season w/Rachael Yamagata, The Pageant, December 4
*Chimaira w/Trivium, Whitechapel, Pop's, December 4
*The Dexateens, Antarctica, December 5
*Greaser's Lunchbox 10th Anniversary Celebration, Off Broadway, December 5
*Megadeth, w/Suicide Silence, Warbringer, Arcanium, Pop's, December 6
*R. Kelly/Pleasure P/K Michelle, Fabulous Fox, December 8
*The Rural Alberta Advantage/The Shaky Hands, Off Broadway, December 9

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