Photos: God Fodder at the Fox Hole at Atomic Cowboy, 12/26/09

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St. Louis punk bands came together the day after Christmas at the Fox Hole, the new music venue at the Atomic Cowboy, to raise money for Nick Mardanes, a former St. Louis resident who's fighting cancer and Brad Cassidy, another former St. Louis resident who died last year. The benefit concert, explained last week on A to Z, raised $3,100 said organizer Rob Ruzicka.

"I'm happy we raised the amount we did although I feel like we could've done more," Ruzicka said today. "I'm happy that everyone came out and made this night a huge success. It was like one big family reunion."

Photographer Egan O'Keefe brings back these photos from the show, including the below images of locals God Fodder.

View a slideshow here.

Photo: Egan O'Keefe
God Fodder at the Atomic Cowboy on Saturday night. See a photo slideshow from the show here.

Photo: Egan O'Keefe
A crowd member during God Fodder's set on Saturday night at Atomic Cowboy. See more photos here.

View a slideshow here.

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