St. Louis Weekend Concert Calendar: Friday, December 18 to Sunday, December 20

Friday, December 18
*Holiday Brasstravaganza with The Funky Butt Brass Band, Off Broadway
*Cheap Heat/The Stone Electric/Lengrand, The Firebird
*El Monstero, The Pageant, The Pageant
*Jimmy Kennedy and the Wrecking Ball, The Gramophone
*Erin Bode, Mad Art
*The Mystery Trip, Blueberry Hill's Duck Room
*Jon Hardy (stripped-down), Foam
*Brainwreck/ Dawn/ Curtis Tinsley, Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
*Scottie Miller and the Re-Uptake Inhibitors, BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups
*Brian Capps & The True Liars, Deluxe
*eric "guitar" davis, Beale on Broadway
*Christmas Rockfest: The Longshot , Same As Sunday (Indianapolis), Wild America , Highland Fall, Haunting Kensington, Burning Down Oceans, PARRAMON (Relocated from UK), Dirty Catastrophic, Shall We Dance(Reunion Show), Fubar (early)
*Lengrand & Search Party For My XWife (late), Fubar

Saturday, December 19
*Pitbull, HOME Nightclub
*Foghat, Casino Queen
*Hawthorne Heights, Just Surrender, Anarbor, Monty Are I, Nightbeast, Fubar
*Jumbling Towers/Jon Hardy and the Public/Dear Vincent, Off Broadway
*Granite Cloud/In Love And War, Soundscape, Infiltrate, Brogramming, The Firebird (early)
*Science Hill/Upright Animals/Red Card Royale, Firebird (late)
*El Monstero, The Pageant
*Bearded Babies (CD release)/Red Headed Strangers, Deluxe
*Blood Pony (EP release)/HUMDRUM/Popular Mechanics, Lemmons
*Tight Pants Syndrome/Cruel Cuts, Mangia
*Fundamental Elements (Holiday Show), The Gramophone
*Eikon, Cavashawn, Jared Foldy, Cicero's
*Los Carnales, Blues City Deli (day)
*Josh Vogeler (EP Release), Pop's Blue Moon
*Phillip-A-Looza Benefit, featuring Speakeasy, Jake's Leg, The Lightnin' Bottle Band, Hatrick, Brothers Lazaroff, Treble Cleff Palette and Liquid Biscuit, Old Rock House

Sunday, December 20
*Mississippi Gabe/Rum Drum Ramblers, Off Broadway
*Beneath The Massacre, Enfold Darkness, Locals tba, Fubar
*Bugs Henderson, BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups

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