Last-Minute Deer Tick Show Happening Tomorrow at the Wedge

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Todd Owyoung
John McCauley at Off Broadway in November.
Just got word from the Wedge that Deer Tick -- the folk machine spearheaded by John McCauley -- will be doing a last-minute show there tomorrow night. Theodore is also playing. No price yet, but the show will be starting at 8 p.m. Deer Tick's last show in town was also rather impromptu: McCauley hopped onstage at Off Broadway after King Khan & BBQ Show were no-shows in November, and did a few songs.

The Wedge is located at 442 Bates, and reopened a few months ago. The venue doesn't have a website back up and running yet; it's just off the Bates exit on I-55 South, just down the street from Iron Barley.

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