Move Over, Johnny Weir: It's "Nirvana on Ice"!

Categories: LOLZ

"With the lights out, it's less dangerous." Indeed. (Click for larger version.)
True confession: I didn't watch a single moment of the most recent Winter Olympics. However, of course I couldn't avoid hearing about all of the American athletes making waves -- including flamboyant skating rock star Johnny Weir. He's certainly not the only skater to ruffle the feathers of those in the staid sport, though: Via a Facebook pal, via Dlisted, via, here's footage of Scott Williams doing a routine to Nirvana's "Spells Like Teen Spirit."

Williams went on to coach skating darling Michelle Kwan. But here, he's rocking his best grunge wear and befuddling the announcers, one of whom says: "The music is by Nirvana. This is not a group that you would frequently hear in a figure skating show." That's an understatement.

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