Photos + Recap: David Bazan at the Old Rock House, Sunday, March 14

Steven Ley/KDHX
In the middle of his Old Rock House show last night, David Bazan complimented the beauty of the Arch, which was visible from the windows of the club. He didn't need to curry favor with the packed crowd, however -- the audience was there to soak up the ex-Pedro the Lion singer's dense, thoughtful music.

Performing with a full band, Bazan mixed songs from his first solo album, Curse Your Branches, with favorites from his Pedro the Lion days. It was to his credit that older work -- PTL's "Transcontinental," "June 18, 1976," "Magazine," "How I Remember" and "Bad Diary Days" were performed -- meshed seamlessly with newer tunes, such as Branches' "Please Baby Please" and "When We Fell." Bazan's distinctive guitar work -- a navy-blue mix melody, dissonance and melancholy -- ebbed and flowed gracefully. As if the quartet found its stride, the set grew louder and louder as it progressed -- adult questions and concerns, religious brow-furrows and youthful transgressions meshing together into an entrancing whole.

Steven Ley/KDHX

More photos below.

Steven Ley/KDHX
Steven Ley/KDHX
Steven Ley/KDHX

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