New (Local) Music Thursday: New Band Bruiser Queen Lives Up to Its Name, While Vandalyzm Gets Feisty

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Bruiser Queen is playing its first show tomorrow night at the Firebird. That's the new band featuring drummer Jason Potter of defunct garage-punks Left Arm, bassist Ben Ellebracht and Morgan Nusbaum, bassist of indie-pop act the 75's. (Don't worry: That band is still together and playing.) BQ formed after Nusbaum played guitar for Left Arm's Ramones cover set at last year's An Under Cover Weekend. She's also playing guitar and handling lead vocal duties in the new song below; her syrup-tinged growl fits the tune's rumbling, stoner-punk vibe.

MP3: Bruiser Queen, "This Kiss"

Force member Vandalyzm, meanwhile, continues his prolific streak. Yesterday, the Smoking Section premiered a Lupe Fiasco-like tune called "Wings (Overdose on Life Freestyle)." The song reflects both the wit he displays on Twitter and the clear-eyed perspective he has toward his detractors.

Vandalyzm, "Wings (Overdose On Life Freestyle)" (download/stream link)

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