Lazer Zeppelin and STL's own Froggie Playing At Floating Laboratories this weekend

If you're in the mood to catch a great show this weekend, head to Floating Laboratories (4528 S. Ohio) on Saturday night and check out Olympia, Washington's LazerZeppelin with local emcee "Loose Leaf the Wise Guy."

Local musician Michael Coleman is currently touring with LazerZeppelin, and playing a few dates sprinkled throughout the south before the St. Louis show on April 3. Coleman says he is thrilled to be playing along with Loose Leaf -- also known as Froggie Farrington.

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Lazer Zeppelin brings their "classic country goes to Mars and back" sound to Floating Laboratories on April 3.

"I've been geared up for this show for a while," said Coleman. "It's going to be a real interesting swirl."

Coleman said meeting Farrington was kismet, and that the rapper is a true homegrown talent, best known for his freestyling ability and brutally honest lyrics. Farrington grew up in the Peabody housing projects, and he favors conscious, hard-hitting and hilarious lyrics.

LazerZeppelin, who are headlining the show, will be backing Froggie musically before playing a set of its own. Coleman describes the band's sound as "a mash-up of country western standards and Yoko Ono--dissonance, tons of reverb and noise." Indeed, LZ's sound is dense and layered; country licks and harmonies filter through an otherworldly veil of noise.

The Facebook event page for the show is here.

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